Exploring Dream Symbols

Before you start please read the information on relaxation on the Meditation section and the Guided Visualization page. Please have a friend on hand to read aloud for you or pre-record it yourself.

Relax and enter your Sanctuary, within your Sanctuary there is a robe of a color you associate with safety (brown is a good color as it is associated with the Earth but I prefer a Gold or Silver). Put on your robe. This robe will protect you on any journeys you take.

When you are ready step out of your Sanctuary into a green field. Take time to examine this field, it is smooth and lush. Fragrant clover and daises are scattered here and there all over the ground. Bees buzz, birds sing — this is a peaceful place.

Now notice that there is a path leading towards the field. Sit yourself down comfortably beside the path and ask your dream symbol to come along the path to you. When it is front of you ask it what its message is for you — you can ask it even if it is an inanimate object, for the answer will simply form in your mind.

When you are finished thank it and return to your Sanctuary.

It is best not to invite dream imaginary into your Sanctuary. It can have all sorts of meanings and your Sanctuary is your own safe and special place. If you don’t obtain an answer you may do better to seek out and ask your inner guide (see mediation to meet your inner guide).

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