Entry into Fairy, The Deva Realm

Hail Psilos, Guide and Guardian along the path between Binah and Kether.
Hail Tehuti, Master of the stylus, the knowledge of mathematics and the arts.
Hail Thoth, Teacher of Wisdom, magick, and the symbols of Tarot.
Hail Hermes-Trismegistus, 'Thrice-great' messenger of the gods
Son of Maya and Zeus Master Thief Trainer of the Way of the Thief
Father of Pan, the Wild Goat God Wielder of the Caduceus
Patron to the Magi, the line of ancient adepts Inscriber of the Emerald Tablets
Mercurial escort, bearing Psyche to the palace of the gods, where she partakes of the ambrosia of immortality
Master Servant, Hanuman, bringing the Key of Solomon, the Egyptian Ankh of Life.
Hail Merlin, Otherworld Guide,
Arch-Seer and Prophet of the Druids
Wizard and Founder of the Order of Istari,
Dweller of the Island of the Blessed, Aman
Mithrandir of the People of the Stars, and friend to all free ones

We welcome an initiation into your Mysteries,
a glimpse of your wonderful magick
that is the essence of consciousness.

Let the Dolmen-shape of the umbrella fungi
soften the rain of your teachings
as it gathers these waters of life
in its sponginess.

Allow our safe passage through your netherworld.

Show us the fruit of our labors and ready us for
the lessons we may approach.

We would take your hand as you lead us
down the spiral path into Faerie.
We look to you for advice and encouragement
as we will this transition.

Let your spore-seeds inflame
our awareness and self-understanding
just as this return-offering
burns to the ash of shed skin.

May our journey through and out of the Underworld be pleasant yet fruitful.
May we remember to trust our inner being as the source of manifestation and the center of existence.

Thank you for your patience.
Thank you for your compassion.
Thank you for your humor.
Thank you for your awareness.

The flesh of the gods
The blood of the gods

Absorbed and encompassed,
we enter the womb only to exit
from the cave of our abandoned shell-self.

In love, peace, and trust in all things
we begin this adventure in a spirit of bright joy
and tender blessings.

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