Element of Fire

Working with the element of fire may be more difficult for some of you than for others. Those who are not permitted open flame in their rooms or other areas of the house will have to be inventive. Don’t feel bad. Certain members of the armed forces (depending on their location) and adults in other specialized environments due to either employment or housing restrictions have the same problem. That doesn’t mean you cant use the fire sigils or deities. If you can visualize a flame in your mind, that’s really all you need.

When we invite fire into our circle at the south quarter we are visualizing the eternal flame of Spirit. It never dies. Fire is the sizzle of creativity and the eruption of passion. Fire is also difficult to control, so you must always be extra cautious when working with living flame. Where water consumes, fire bites and gnaws. Don’t forget that. With fire we have the legend of the phoenix, where we can rise from the ashes of what was and embrace what will be with joy, looking forward to the change.

Fire is strength, power, protection, and the ability to change from one state to another. It is enlightenment and extremely potent but, like air, it can represent truth and knowledge through purification. The kindling of a fire in many cultures relates to birth and death — the life cycle — which is why Witches call the cross-quarters fire festivals. They are Candlemas, Beltane, Lammas, and Samhain. In almost every culture, fire is the representation of manifested deity. Fire is also the great destroyer.

The three zodiac signs relating to fire are Aries (for beginnings with inspirational fire), Leo (steadfast fire), and Sagittarius (changing fire). If you wanted to begin a project with zest and zeal, start when the moon is in Aries. The only problem with this sign, unlike the others, is that its energy tires out not long after it gets going. A second ritual or spell in another sign is usually required to carry on the work. When the moon is in Leo, magicks for courage, a happy home, and defending others work well. In Sagittarius, a jolly, social energy, work for expansion and adapting to circumstances.

Sigils of Fire and How to Use Them

The alchemical sigil for fire is the upright triangle, a male symbol meaning action and movement. Remember, the gender association doesn’t mean only boys can use the symbol — this is just a medieval way of categorizing energy that we never quite got away from. The upright triangle is the “burning way” — the path to truth, light, and transformation through self-motivated activity. Drawn in the magick circle it can be the focus of manifestation, and in Greek was described as the “cosmic birth”. In some ceremonial circles it is called the “all-seeing eye”, with nine beams of light drawn from the top point of the design. This is the eye of god/dess. In Egyptian mythology, the all-seeing eye of the God often belonged to the Goddess. Like the earth and air alchemical symbols, this one can be inscribed on candles, used in your BoS, sew on altar clothes and robes, and activated in spells and rituals. With fire, there is no end to your creativity!

In European history, bonfires bound culture and religion together, especially on the solar holidays (eight High Holy Days). These conflagrations earned the title of “needfires” because at dawn all the fires in the home were extinguished. In a group celebration on top of a hill or elevated outdoor area, an appointed person would rub two sticks together to create the needflame, which was transferred to a large pile of wood, dried grasses, and herbs. Each person from the countryside would take a torch home to relight their own hearth fire. In some Craft traditions today, the fire candle in the altar setup is called the “needflame”, and a cauldron fire, hearth fire, or bonfire is dubbed the “needfire”.

Living fire in the modern circle is used in a variety of ways. The bonfires can be lit on the eight High Holy Days to invoke or banish; cauldron fires (with proper supervision, even for adults) might be the focus of dance magick, where the flame spirals to the beat of the music; or in a more seductive atmosphere as the center of petition magick. Outdoor grills or barbeque pits with hanging conveniences for pots provide a way to brew potions and notions of magickal interest. Hearth fires, should you be lucky enough to have a fireplace, can also provide a vehicle for the magick of the flame. Don’t forget the ever favorite candle or oil lamps (used historically before candles) with scented or colored oil for added effect.

Planetary Symbols of Fire

The most commonly associated celestial fire sigils are the planet Mars (Mars.png) and the sun (Sun.png), both major players when it comes to natal and predictive astrology. No matter where they are, action is sure to follow. If you cannot use flame or candle, the Mars sigil will carry the magick through with the same intensity, and it gives an extra boost when inscribed on any candle. The sun represents your will and overall success and can be used in the same way. You can also focus the power of both sigils by linking their symbols with those of the other planets, or bind Mars (or the sun) with other magickal sigils of your choice.

Mars/Planetary Combinations

Note: These are suggested colors, but use what feels right to you depending upon the situation.

MarsMars.png with SunSun.png
Resulting action: Action in will/success
Associated colors: Red and orange/gold
MarsMars.png with MoonMoon.png
Resulting action: Action in emotion/psychism
Associated colors: Red and white or silver
MarsMars.png with MercuryMercury.png
Resulting action: Action in communication
Associated colors: Red and yellow
MarsMars.png with VenusVenus.png
Resulting action: Action in social situations
Associated colors: Red and pink or green
MarsMars.png with JupiterJupiter.png
Resulting action: Action with expansion
Associated colors: Red and violet
MarsMars.png with SaturnSaturn.png
Resulting action: Action with structure, or action to banish
Associated colors: Red and midnight blue or black
MarsMars.png with UranusUranus.png
Resulting action: Action with change
Associated colors: Red and light blue
MarsMars.png with NeptuneNeptune.gif
Resulting action: Action in the arts and dreaming
Associated colors: Red and aqua
MarsMars.png with PlutoPluto.gif
Resulting action: Action to remove or banish in order to rebuild
Associated colors: Red and black or brown

Sun Combinations

Note: These are suggested colors, but use what feels right to you depending upon the situation.

SunSun.png with MoonMoon.png
Resulting action: Will with emotion (balance)
Associated colors: Orange/gold and white or silver
SunSun.png with MercuryMercury.png
Resulting action: Will with communication/focus
Associated colors: Orange/gold and yellow
SunSun.png with VenusVenus.png
Resulting action: Will with socialization/friendship
Associated colors: Orange/gold and pink or green
SunSun.png with MarsMars.png
Resulting action: Will with action
Associated colors: Orange/gold and red
SunSun.png with JupiterJupiter.png
Resulting action: Will with expansion
Associated colors: Orange/gold and violet
SunSun.png with SaturnSaturn.png
Resulting action: Will with structure, will to banish
Associated colors: Orange/gold and midnight blue or black
SunSun.png with UranusUranus.png
Resulting action: Will with change
Associated colors: Orange/gold and light blue
SunSun.png with NeptuneNeptune.gif
Resulting action: Will with the arts, dreaming, transformation
Associated colors: Orange/gold and aqua
SunSun.png with PlutoPluto.gif
Resulting action: Will to remove in order to rebuild
Associated colors: Orange/gold and black/brown

Invoking and Banishing Fire Pentacles

Pentagram_fire_banishing.png Pentagram_fire_invoking.png
In ceremonial groups the Witch may stand at the south quarter and draw the invoking pentagram of fire to open the portal. When dismissing the quarter, the banishing pentagram of fire would follow. As with the other examples (earth and air), begin in the direction of the arrow on the figure pictured above and follow through until the drawing is completed. You might want to trace the ones here until you are comfortable with the idea.

When used in sigil magick, you can draw a flame in the center of the pentagram. To stop gossip, draw the banishing pentagram of fire with a black indelible marker on the back of a white ceramic plate. Place the plate over the offending party’s name, so that the pentagram is facing you when you look at it. If you don’t know who started the rumor, write “The rumor of…” and then fill in the false accusation. Leave the plate on top of the rumor until circumstances fizzle.

Mediation of Fire

Although this is an outdoor meditation, you can change it to fit your circumstances if necessary. You will need your favorite powdered incense (not the self-lighting variety); sidewalk chalk (optional); a small grill; self-lighting charcoal; a grill lighter or long matches; a piece of paper on which you have written a special wish; and a selection of plain, small stones. Depending on your age, you may need your parents’ permission to work with the grill. If they say no, don’t sweat it, just do the ritual at noon under the sun.

First, draw a circle around yourself with the sidewalk chalk (if you can’t do that, use your finger instead). Put the grill in the center of the circle. Make sure you can sit far enough away from the grill so that there is no chance of being burned. With the stones, lay out an upright triangle around the grill. Put a few pieces of charcoal in the grill (not too much, this isn’t a barbeque for 100). Sprinkle your incense over the charcoal. In most magickal operations, the smoke from a fire represents your prayers moving from this plane of existence to the divine. Scented smoke is employed to draw the attention of pleasant spirits/angels who will help to move those prayers along.

Ground and center. Draw the invoking fire pentagram in the air over the grill. Take a deep breath and relax. Light the fire. As you watch the flames, think about what fire means: power, transformation, success, rising from difficulty, divine inspiration, creativity. Let your mind wander. Allow your thoughts to dance with the flames. When you have finished, repeat your wishes aloud and throw the paper into the fire. As you watch it burn, say: “Blessings and fire, higher and higher”, until the paper is consumed. You might also chant the word change. When you are through, thank divinity and the element of fire. Wait until the fire dies down, then draw the banishing fire pentagram over the grill (not too close). Note: Do not leave the grill untended while it still contains the fire. You may choose to sit and simply enjoy the out-of-doors while you wait for the ashes to cool.

If you can’t use fire in a literal sense, then close your eyes under the noon sun and work through the same mental associations. Hold the paper up to the sun and repeat your wish. You can use the same chant. Fold the paper and save it until your wish comes true, then dispose. Inside, you can use a tea candle in a cauldron rather than the outdoor grill idea.

Fire Correspondences


Aries: Beginnings
Leo: Fixed, stability
Sagittarius: Mutable

Color Associations

Red or orange

Wiccan Tool

Athame, wand, or sword, depending on your tradition


Comets: Zikiel, Akhibel
Constellations: Kakabel, Rahtiel
Creativity: Samandriel
Divine knowledge: Zagzagel
Good causes: Nemamiah (warrior)
Fire, general: Nathaniel, Arel, Atuniel, Jehol, Ardarel, Gabriel, Seraph
Flame: El Auria, Uriel (same)
Inspiration: Hael
Light: Isaac, Gabriel, Mihr, Parvagigar, Raphael (Regent of the Sun), Uriel
Light of day: Shamshiel
Love and romance: Anael
North star: Abathur, Muzania, Arthum Hii
Song: Uriel, Radureiel, Israfel, Shemiel, Metatron
Stars: Kakabel, Kohabiel, Star of Love: Anael
Success and good fortune: Barakiel
Sun’s rays: Schachlil


African: (Female) Tsetse
Egyptian: (Female) Amit, gate keeping goddess, Sekhmet, Uatchet (Male) Ra, Kephra, Atum, Toth (Inspiration)
Greek and Roman: (Female) Aetna, Hestia, Vesta (Male) Hephaestos, Vulcan
Germanic/Norse: (Female) Girda, Holla, Vana Mothers
Celtic: (Female) Bried/Brigid, Tres Matres

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