Element of Earth

Earth is the universal archetype of the divine feminine. Our planet is fondly called Mother Earth, the Great Mother, and Gaia, among many others. She represents the inexhaustible spirit of creation and is associated with abundance. When we work with earth, not only are we calling the great expanse of our planet — its mountains, caves, minerals, and deserts — but we are also invoking her support and massive strength. From her emerges hidden treasure, and she is the proof that material things can be manifested from the divine.

The earth gives all living things the space and minerals they need to grow, so when we call earth into our circle as we stand at the north quarter, we are inviting the living essence of our planet to join us in our celebrations and our magick. We are asking that this energy lend its aid to the work we are doing. When we ask for blessings from the north, we are envisioning abundance, stability, protection, and room to grow in a positive way.

Throughout the history of magick the element of earth has been associated with a variety of deities, spirits, and angels. You can use what you like, as long as you remember the underlying basic: Earth is earth is earth. We can use a lot of breath with long invocations, and draw exquisite, complicated sigils and dress it up all we want, but it’s still dirt.

From the magickal (as well as the esoteric alchemical) viewpoint, earth has the lowest vibration of the four elements because it is solidly manifest in our world. In astrology those signs symbolized by the earth are Capricorn (motivated earth); Taurus (rooted earth); and Virgo (changing earth). As the moon moves through each sign for approximately two and a half days each month, you have an opportunity to work with the moon’s receptive energy in that sign. If you wanted to work on the structure of something, then you would choose a day when the moon is in Capricorn (see your almanac). If you wished to keep things the same or stockpile something, then moon in Taurus is a perfect time for such a spell or ritual. If you need to make changes to a structure, investigate something, or find the “bugs” in a system, then the Virgo moon is the perfect time.

Sigils of Earth and How to Use Them

earth_zpsw1iybgsd.png earth1_zpsqnrskbel.png
The triangle has a long spiritual history. No matter the culture or religion, its basic meaning is “three in one”. From the Zoroastrian Fire-Light-Either to the astrological significance of “the Big Three” — sun, moon, and rising sign that make up the bulk of your personality — to the Wiccan idea of Maiden, Mother, and Crone and Father, Son, and Sage, all stand for the threefold nature of the universe. In Egyptian magick this triangle included Isis (the mother), Osiris (the father), and Horus (the manifestation of the two — the son). An upward-pointing triangle stands for the male principle, where the downward-pointing one is feminine. Remember, masculine and feminine in magick really have nothing to do with gender, and have everything to do with how energy flows and manifests. The alchemical earth symbol draws a line across the top portion of the triangle. Fire, air, and water also have triangular symbols. The four triangle symbols can be used in your Book of Shadows to indicate information that deals with a particular element, and be carved into tools, painted on magickal projects, or sewn on robes and altar cloths — in essence, on anything that you want to use to draw earth energy to you.

We can also activate the sigil itself by writing a person’s name that we want protected in the center of the earth symbol, asking for grounding, protection, and the gifts of the earth. Triangles, whether they stand for earth, air, fire, or water, are activation points. Don’t put anything in there you don’t want to change.

Odin’s Cross or the Sun Cross, appeared around the beginning of the Bronze Age. It materializes in ancient Egypt, China, pre-Columbian America, and the Near East. Not only does it stand for the element of earth, but also for thunder, highest power, and energy. In astrology, it is associated with the Part of Fortune, a point on every natal chart that, when activated by the movement of planets throughout one’s lifetime, brings good fortune, riches, and success. Carve it on candles for that extra oomph. Use to break the negativity of another by placing the sigil with your name on it over their name or picture. Draw on the back of your own picture to add success to any personal spell casting procedure. Carry in your wallet dressed with a little money oil for drawing extra cash your way. Don’t draw it on the pavement in sidewalk chalk by the front of your house, though, because in the hobo sign system, this one means Here you will find food, work, and generous people. Although hobo picture writing isn’t used much these days in America, I highly doubt your mother would be thrilled with strangers knocking at her door. On the other hand, this symbol is also known as the Gamma Cross and is used in the inauguration of a Roman Catholic church, wherein twelve such crosses are drawn in blessed water and oil upon the walls of the establishment. Given this information, you can use the same sigil to bless the room in which you work magick.

The Wheel Cross (Sun Cross, etc.) also has another association, that of the planet Earth in astrology, although it is rarely used by modern astrologers due to their use of the geocentric system. In magick, however, we can put this symbol to good use by drawing it in combination with other astrological sigils. Simply draw, paint, or write the symbols directly on candles, altars, or other magickal projects that match the intent given in the list below.

Earth/Planetary Combinations

Note: Regarding the colors — for the most part, these are ceremonial magickal associations. You can use these, or find colors that you feel would work better.

Earthearthicon_zpsh8xs3vdb.png with SunSun.png
Resulting action: Stability/prosperity with will
Associated colors: Blue/orange and gold
Earthearthicon_zpsh8xs3vdb.png with MoonMoon.png
Resulting action: Stability/prosperity with emotions
Associated colors: Blue/silver with white/silver
Earthearthicon_zpsh8xs3vdb.png with VenusVenus.png
Resulting action: Stability/prosperity with socialization
Associated colors: Blue with pink or green
Earthearthicon_zpsh8xs3vdb.png with MarsMars.png
Resulting action: Stability/prosperity with action
Associated colors: Blue with red
Earthearthicon_zpsh8xs3vdb.png with JupiterJupiter.png
Resulting action: Stability/prosperity with expansion
Associated colors: Blue with violet
Earthearthicon_zpsh8xs3vdb.png with SaturnSaturn.png
Resulting action: Stability/prosperity with building structure or working with authority; or speed and the strength to banish
Associated colors: Blue with black
Earthearthicon_zpsh8xs3vdb.png with UranusUranus.png
Resulting action: Stability/prosperity in the face of change
Associated colors: Blue with light blue
Earthearthicon_zpsh8xs3vdb.png with NeptuneNeptune.gif
Resulting action: Stability/prosperity with dreaming/visionary work
Associated colors: Blue with aqua
Earthearthicon_zpsh8xs3vdb.png with PlutoPluto.gif
Resulting action: Stability/prosperity with radical change — to destroy to rebuild
Associated colors: Blue/silver and black

Invoking and Banishing Earth Pentacles

earthpent_zpswri7npfc.png earthpent1_zpslkfg1gvy.png

In ceremonial magick and some Wiccan groups you will find what are called the invoking pentacles of the elements. There are five of them — earth, air, fire, water, and Spirit. To invoke the energy of earth at the north quarter, you would draw the star starting at the top and following through. To release that energy, you would start at the bottom left-hand corner and draw the sigil. Usually the symbols are drawn in the air with one’s finger, wand, rod, or athame. As pictured, the invoking earth pentacle brings earth energy into the circle, and the banishing earth pentacle sends the energy back from whence it came. You might want to trace your finger over the diagrams to get the magickal hang of the energy of this symbol. If you are trying to bring prosperity into your life, then you might at some point in your ritual or spell draw an invoking earth pentagram on your supplies. You can even use a pen or pencil and draw it right on a dollar bill, asking for the blessings of abundance. This system of invoking and banishing the elements using pentagrams is attributed to Samuel L. Marthers, who improved on the original material of the ceremonial magician Eliphas Zahed Levi.

Mediation of Earth

The best way to get to know the energy patterns of an element is to work with it and use meditation to “become” that element. For this exercise you will need a bowl of dirt or sand and a seed of some kind. Trace one of the earth sigils on the floor with your finger and sit inside. Take three deep breaths. Put your hands in the dirt. Begin by rolling the sand or dirt around with your fingers. Let your mind drift on subjects that pertain to the earth — the planet, earth goddesses, the ideas of stability and abundance. When you are through, ask for wisdom from the earth, brush off your hands, give a gentle thank you to the element, then ground and center. Hold the seed in your hand and think of a wish that you would like to grow. Think of planting that wish in the ground and visualize the result, then physically plant the seed somewhere on your property. If you like, you can bag up the dirt or sand in the bowl and use it in a spell or ritual later on. Note: If you have used the invoking earth pentagram then you will need to finish by tracing the banishing earth pentagram.

Earth Correspondences


Capricorn: Beginning and structure
Taurus: Saving and fixed
Virgo: Changing (mutable) and review oriented

Color Associations

Yellow or green, depending on the traditions you practice. Yellow for ceremonial Wicca and green for shamanic Wicca.

Wiccan Tool

Cauldron or pentacle


Abundance: Barbelo
Agriculture: Risnuch
Alchemy: Och
Animals: Thergi, Mtniel, Hehiel, Hayyal
Commerce: Anauel
Creeping Things: Orifiel
Dust: Suphlatus
Earthquakes: Sui’el, Rashiel
Farming: Sofiel
Fertility: Samandiriel, Yushamin
Food: Manna
Gaia: Michael, Jehoel, Metatron, Mammon
Gardens: Cathetel
Nourishment: Isda
Forests: Zuphlas
Fruition: Anahita
Mountains: Mehabiah
Plants: Sachluph
Trees: Maktiel, Zuphlas
Vegetables: Sealiah, Sofiel
Wild Birds: Trgiaob


African: Earth Mother, Divine Queen, Nimba, Oshun, Tenga
Egypt: (Female) Anatha, Bast, Isis, Mehueret (Male) Min, Geb
Greek/Roman: (Female) Atlantia, Clonia, Flora, Hestia (Male) Fauna, Pan
Norse: (Female) Frigga, Holda, Nanna, She-Wolf
Celtic: (Female) Aine, Anu, Blodeuwedd, Cailleach, Beara, Magog, Rosemerta

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