Element of Air

When we work with air we think of the divine breath of Spirit, the ability to move through space and time, and the wisdom that comes from experience and study. When we invite air into our circle at the east quarter we draw forth the sacred breath of life with vigor and clarity. Like the element of earth, air also has a long list of angelic and deity correspondences, some of which are listed below.

The zodiac signs for air are Libra (air in early movement), Aquarius (air as it stalls over the earth), and Gemini (air that changes direction). You can plan your magick to work with the element of air by watching your almanac. If you want to do a lot of socializing or make new friends, do a spell or ritual when the moon is in Libra. Out to do some good and take care of humanitarian concerns? Moon in Aquarius. If you need to do a thousand things at once or have to cram for a test, try the Gemini moon.

The movement of air can tell us many things. It can bring the scent of spring, letting you know if the warming season will be early or late. If it grows unusually cold in a warm area, then you may have an astral visitor. Folk legends in various cultures support the belief that the dead could ride on the winds. Several goddesses and gods are also attributed to this skill, including Germanic Dame Holda and the Egyptian god Shu.

Sigils of Air and How to Use Them

Our first symbol for air is the upright triangle with a double bottom line (as shown above). This is the alchemical sigil for air and, like the earth triangle, can be used in your Book of Shadows, etc. If you need to send a message to someone and you can’t reach them the conventional way, try writing your message in the air sigil and hanging it outside where the moving air will reach it. If this isn’t possible, write the person’s name in the triangle and set a votive candle over the top. Sit quietly and stare at the candle, repeating your message. Keep the message brief — too many words and the meaning might get lost in the transmission. You can also try sending “pictures” in your mind instead. Run some experiments with friends and see what happens. The upright triangle puts the element of air in the active, masculine category.

Where earth magick lends itself to manifesting things in a physical form, finding treasure, creating abundance, and reaching for the strength within, air magicks are more of the mental, studious variety: sending messages, writing stories, articles, poetry, taking notes, composing music, studying anything and everything, clarity of thought, and weather magick. Wind can push or stall a weather front.

Hermes, the Greek god, and his Roman counterpart Mercury are both associated with the element of air. To send a message or speed a spell, use either the symbol for Hermes, below, or Mercury (Mercury.png).

Mercury/Planetary Combinations

MercuryMercury.png with SunSun.png
Resulting action: Speed/communication with will
Associated colors: Yellow/orange and gold
MercuryMercury.png with MoonMoon.png
Resulting action: Speed/communication with emotions
Associated colors: Yellow/silver with white/silver
MercuryMercury.png with VenusVenus.png
Resulting action: Speed/communication with socialization
Associated colors: Yellow with pink or green
MercuryMercury.png with MarsMars.png
Resulting action: Speed/communication with action
Associated colors: Yellow with red
MercuryMercury.png with JupiterJupiter.png
Resulting action: Speed/communication with expansion
Associated colors: Yellow with violet
MercuryMercury.png with SaturnSaturn.png
Resulting action: Speed/communication with building structure or working with authority; or speed/communication to banish
Associated colors: Yellow with black
MercuryMercury.png with UranusUranus.png
Resulting action: Speed/communication with change
Associated colors: Yellow with light blue
MercuryMercury.png with NeptuneNeptune.gif
Resulting action: Speed/communication with dreaming/visionary work
Associated colors: Yellow with aqua
MercuryMercury.png with PlutoPluto.gif
Resulting action: Speed/communication with radical change — to destroy to rebuild
Associated colors: Yellow/silver and black

Invoking and Banishing Air Pentacles

air2_1_zpskz4w8kyc.jpg air1_1_zpslslhylab.jpg
The element of air also has its invoking and banishing pentagrams and are often drawn in the air with the finger, wand, rod, or athame at the east quarter.

If you are in a hurry, or just need to move your magick to a speedy conclusion, use the invoking air pentagram while calling on the spirits of air to help you. If you want a storm to move away, ring a bell three times in a succession of three then draw the banishing pentagram of air in the direction of the oncoming storm. The banishing pentagram alone works well to move away heavy cloud cover, but remember, in weather magick, practice makes perfect. If you need the bad vibes brought by a letter, court summons, or other nasty legal paperwork to dissipate, draw the banishing air pentagram over the offensive message. Granted, it will probably take more on your part to make the whole thing go away, but starting with removing the negative energy on the paper is a good way to begin.

Mediation of Air

This meditation is best done outside. You will need a stick and several colorful ribbons at least thirteen inches long. Make a wish for each ribbon. Write it down so you don’t forget. Draw one of the sigils listed above on the ground and sit in the center. Take three deep breaths and relax. Hold your palms open, the backs of your hands resting on your knees or your lap. Think about the element of air. Close your eyes. Do a little free association. Air moves, it is the breath of Spirit, it shifts the weather, it brings wisdom and intellect. Become the air. When you are finished, slowly open your eyes and take a deep breath. Tie each ribbon to the stick, leaving about six inches of stick free at the bottom. As you tie the ribbons, state your wishes aloud. Blow three times on the ribbons. Set the stick upright in the ground so that the ribbons can flow free. Thank the element of air and deity. Leave the stick. If you have used the invoking air pentagram, then you will need to finish with the banishing air pentagram.

Air Correspondences

Remember to research all deity energies before you use them.


Libra: Beginnings
Aquarius: Fixed
Gemini: Changing (mutable)

Color Associations

Blue or yellow, depending upon the tradition used. Blue for ceremonial Wicca and yellow for shamanic Wicca.

Wiccan Tool

Athame or wand


Air, general: Chasan, Casmaron, Cherub, Iahmel
Altitudes: Barachiel, Gabriel, Gediel
Announcements: Sirushi
Birds: Arael, Anpiel
Communication and protection from harmful words and thoughts: Ambriel
Dawn: Hlm hml
Doves: Alphun
Dreams: Gabriel
Free will: Tabris
Grace: Ananchel
Hurricanes: Zamiel, Zaafiel
Intellectual achievements: Akriel
Inventions: Liwet
Memory and tolerance: Mupiel
Moderation: Baglis
Noonday winds: Nariel
North wind: Cahiroum
Pure wisdom, knowledge, and learning: Diana
Philosophy and meditation: Iahhel
Positive thoughts: Vohumanah
Prayers: Akatriel, Metatron, Raphael, Sandalphon, Michael
Protection for libraries, archives, places of learning and computers: Harahel
Purity: Taharial
Secrets and hidden knowledge: Satarel
Sky: Sahaqiel
Storms: Zakkiel, Zaamael
Thunder: Ramiel, Uriel
Truth: Armait (also harmony)
Twilight: Aftiel
Whirlwind: Rashiel, Zavael
Winds: Moriel, Ruhiel, Rujiel, Ben Nez
Writing: Ecanus


General air:
Hermes (Greek, Male), Mercury (Roman, Male), Shu (Egyptian, Male)

African: (Female) Aja, Minona
Egyptian: (Female) Selk, Seshat, Tie (Male) Thoth
Greek and Roman: (Female) Carmentis, Circe, Hecate, Mystis
Germanic/Norse: (Female) Eir, Saga, Vor
Celtic: (Female) Cerridwen, Danu, Nath

African: (Female) Ogboinba
Egyptian: (Female) Sphinx, Tie (Male) Toth, Horus
Greek and Roman: (Female) Apollonis, Erato, Harmonia, Minerva, Mnmosyne, Muses, Urania
Germanic/Norse: (Female) Nat
Celtic: (Female) Canola, Cerridwen, Sephira

African: (Female) All-bringing-forth, Bunzi, Oya
Egyptian: (Female) Nebet, Nephthys, Tefnut (Male) Shu for air; Nuit (Female for Sky and Heavens)
Greek and Roman: (Female) Aura, Dais, Dione, Erato, Hera, Tempestates
Germanic/Norse: (Female) Aslog, Frau, Holda, Sjora, Swan Maidens
Celtic: (Celtic) Becuma, Cesair, Dawen, Nair

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