Earth, Foot, Hand and Sky

Breathless into peace my soul wakes again with a grin of content.

With mine foot upon this land takes me back to a time without white skin & lies.

Tears of pain upon mine face as I see this Earth raped piece by piece.

My soul cries for them to leave, a rage unsettled by time, but their self righteous ways have heart of greed carved in gold.

How must I live to play their lying games of soap opera make believe world that they pride themselves to be so true that they rule, a grin in the mirror upon the wall, they feel they rule.

Earth Great White Mother your birthing pains grow near, For the Earth shakes under mine feet, and with a smile I welcome thee.

Great Mother & Raging World make real apocalypse this Earth to change. This disease that spreads is a mental thing we live by day to day, I call it the beast, a typical male thing that shall shortly die, I pray, and by it's death shall carve a delightful grin & smile upon my face once again.

For white shall try it's best to shames that ye hath read, for his bidding time has come to an end as it's lies is it's very death.

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