Drying Herbs and Flowers for Magickal Use

Although you can buy prepackaged herbs and dried flowers, you may wish to dry your own to ensure that they have been harvested at the right time. You can hang bundled herbs with long stems from the rafters of your attic or garage, or you can screw cup holders into the wall, balance a dowel between them, and hang the herb bunches from the dowel.

Another method is to hang the bunches from coat hangers. Choose a place without direct sun, as sunlight will darken the leaves and evaporate essential oils.

Dry herbs also need air circulation to prevent molding. Scatter those herbs that are too small to be tied into bundles on clean stainless-steel window screening. Screens can be stacked on wooden blocks or bricks that leave a six-inch space between the screens.

For magickal purposes, it is unnecessary to separate stems from leaves (though some magickal people prefer to separate them), but you do want to remove discolored or molded leaves, and store the leaves whole. The less you handle them, the better.

Store in airtight plastic bags, plastic containers, or glass jars.

Flowers and leaves maintain their magickal properties for one year; roots and bark for two.

Remember to label all herbs with their names, harvest dates, and magickal properties.

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