Dreams of Prophecy

As dreams are so incredibly personal, it is difficult to discern what may be an outlet of our fears and what may, indeed, be an indication of what is to come. Unfortunately, every segment of history has had its prophets of gloom and doom. Most were wrong, a handful managed to get it right, but in the meantime, thousands of people have been frightened or even lost their lives over false prophecies. When the attack on American occurred on September 11, 2001, some of the members of the magickal community indicated their angst that the "leaders" of our community hadn't found a way to warn the victims of this disaster. Why didn't they know?

Prophetic dreams are funny animals, as I've come to discover. I can only tell you my experience, and you can draw your own conclusions wherever you like. On August 11, 2001, I awoke from a very vivid dream. In the dream I was on a white road. There was sand all about. In the distance I could see a man walking toward me dressed in Arab garb leading a camel. He walked up to me and smiled, but a loud voice in my mind said, "This is a very bad man. He carries the evil eye." The man reached his hand out to me and between this thumb and index finger was a real eye. I looked up and saw a snow white obelisk behind him. Instantly it was covered with what looked like red Arabic writing. The writing began to drip like blood. When I woke from the dream I immediately wrote it down because it was so strange and so very vivid. I tried my usual dream-recall sequence but could not find an adequate association to the dream. I checked the news — papers, internet, television — nothing stood out. Days passed, then weeks, and I forgot about the vision. Throughout the first week in September I received several e-mails from community members speaking of disaster dreams, however no one could come up with a place, a time, or a day. On September 10, as I lay down to sleep for the night, I went through my normal meditation sequence when I found myself in a black tunnel, looking out a hole shaped like a round doorway. The world outside of the tunnel was deep twilight — an eerie blue-purple mix. As I sat protected in the tunnel, hundreds of silhouettes of people silently marched by. I have no idea how long I watched the people silently shuffle along, I only know that there were no silhouettes of children in the line. Disturbed, I stayed up all night trying to understand what I had seen. Was it a product of my own imagination? Was it real? If so, what was I seeing? Finally, toward dawn I gave up my pondering and went back to work on this book. My husband was watching the stock channel when the first plane hit. I saw the second plane hit myself. The rest is history.

There was once a famous mystery writer who always added the sentence, "Had I but known—" in just about every novel she wrote. Even if I had known the dream and the vision were true prophecy, there was no additional signage or blinking lights telling me when, where, why, or what time. All I got was a "who", and even then I didn't get a name — just a face, and at that time, it was just a face among millions. Yes, there were hints in the dream and the vision, but hindsight is 20/20 and we can't always draw correlations where we wouldn't have possibly seen things before.

How many of us were warned by visions and prophecy? Probably quiet a few. I'm sure I'm not the only person who couldn't sleep the night of September 10. However, I'm also sure that hundreds, maybe thousands like me received only pieces of the oncoming nemesis that was about to hit. Future shock wave? Something like a collective unconscious tuning fork? Psychiatrist Montague Ullman, the founder of the Dream Laboratory at the Maimonides Medical Center in Brooklyn, New York, believes that nature is concerned with the survival of the species and in that concern provides dreams to counteract our seemingly unending compulsion to fragment the world. Dreams reflect our individual experience because there is a greater underlying need to preserve the species, to maintain an interconnectedness with all humans. If this is so, perhaps, as Ullman postulates, dreams are a bridge between the perceptual and non-manifest orders and can warn us of an upcoming transformation that will affect large numbers of people. Until we are able to scientifically measure prophetic dreams, we can only gather data and wait, and since many people fear drawing attention to themselves or have a legitimate desire not to frighten people unnecessarily, we can't retrieve most of the prophetic data floating around out there in every social structure. One thing is certain; we must never, ever be afraid.

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