Dream Recall

Dream recording is a fundamental part of witchcraft, and yet, so many practicing witches still have trouble remembering their dreams. For some, remembering dreams comes easy. Some cannot remember any of their dreams at all. Dreams are the purest product of our subconscious. This means that dreams can give us insight, not only into ourselves, but our health, our mental health, and, for some, even the future. By learning how to remember and understand your dreams, you can increase the potency of your magick and learn more about the world within you and the world without.

The first thing you will need is a dream journal. A simple spiral notebook will work fine. I buy a beautiful new blank book each time I fill one up. I like books about 5x8 inches. Mine usually have a night scene on them. Any book, of course, is okay. I rarely illustrate my dreams, so I buy books with lines. Any pen will work. My favorite are the glitter and metallic pens. If you don't want anyone to read your dreams, there are a number of blank books sold with locks on them. I used to write mine in code so that they could not be read. Now I write them in regular English. Keep your dream journal next to your bed every night along with a good pen. Keeping the journal by the bed will allow you to jot the dream down as soon as you wake up. Stumbling around until you find the book gives you too much time to forget the dream.

For reasons not yet clearly understood, we forget dreams quickly, sometimes even the moment we wake up. There are a few ways you can remember your dreams. Just before you go to bed, have your journal set out by the bed with a pen. Get into bed and lied down. Before you close your eyes, say to yourself out loud nine times: "I will remember my dream tonight." In the morning when you wake, go over your dream in your head. When I was first starting, I had trouble remembering so I learned to say my dream out loud to myself. This made me remember the dream every time. Once you are awake enough to write, get your book and pen and write down everything you can remember. When you are first writing your dreams down it may be difficult for you to remember them from the beginning. That is perfectly fine. Just write down everything you can remember as it comes to you. You can always go back and put it in order later. Make sure that you write the date at the top of each page so that you will know the exact day that you dreamed it.

Symbolism is important in dreams, so be sure to be as detailed as you possibly can. Don't just write: "I dreamed I was in a forest and a deer started talking to me." Describe each thing. How did you feel? Were you yourself or someone else? Do you remember what you were wearing? What color was the deer? Every little thing is important in analyzing your dream. Even the smallest things can be symbolic.

Often, people will leave things out because they do not make sense. Always include each part, even if you do not understand it. Once, I dreamed for just a moment that I was in a yellow submarine inside of a cat. I saw a cutaway view of the cat. I saw a little drawing of me inside the yellow submarine traveling down the tunnel of the cat's throat and down into the cat's stomach which was full of blue water. It was like a little cartoon. Though I find it difficult to describe and even harder to understand, I still wrote it down, describing it to the best of my ability. The more detail you have, the better.

When interpreting what your dreams mean, the first thing to remember is to throw that dream dictionary away. They are lots of fun to read at parties, but the true meaning of your dreams lies within your mind, not in a book. There are simple reasons why a dream dictionary is worthless. First of all, obvious symbols already have meaning for you. Money, for example, represents prosperity for everyone. You do not need a book to tell you that. On the other hand, there are symbols that are different for everyone. For example, a spider will have a different meaning for someone who loves spiders (like myself) than it has for a person who is terrified of spiders (like my mother). A cute cuddly kitten will have a different meaning for a cat lover than it will for a person who hates cats. Just the same, dreaming of a guitar will be different for someone who wants to be a famous guitar player than someone who would rather be a writer.

After you have gotten rid of the book, sit down with your dream. Dreams are created mostly by the right side of the brain — the creative side. This means that the dream will have more of a creative symbolic meaning rather than a logical one. The left side of the brain houses the logic. Because it is mostly dormant during dream time, things in your dreams make little sense. Anything having to do with numbers and actual words will be housed in the logical left-brain. Because of this, you may not be able to read in your dreams, tell time, or do math. Speaking is also a product of the left-brain and things people say may not make any sense. Once you have the dream written down, your logical left side can take over and give the dream meaning.

First, divide the dream into segments. If there seemed to be only one main dream then analyze it as it is. If you think it's more like a few little dreams, divide them up into the different stories. Now you can begin getting meaning out of the symbolism. Look at each individual thing and decide what it means to you. For example, if you dream that you find some money on the ground, it could mean that good things are coming your way or that you feel financially secure. Dreaming that something you hate is chasing you could mean that you are feeling guilty about something or that you feel as though you are in a hopeless situation. On the other hand, dreaming that you are being attacked by something that you like could mean that someone you love has turned against you or that you feel betrayed. Because your dream is unique to you, no one will ever be able to tell you what your dream means. With practice, you will get better and better at remembering and interpreting. Learning these simple things helps to strengthen your psychic abilities and will heighten your awareness during magickal workings, meditation, and astral travel. I keep my books in hopes that they will be passed down to my great-grandchildren and become family heirlooms.

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