Dream Interpretations

Dreams of Being Chased or Attacked

By far one of the most common dream motifs, the dream of being chased or attacked can often be the unconscious mind’s attempt to integrate a threat you have perceived during waking hours. Pay close attention to the specific images revealed in your dream. Are you being pursued by a person, an animal, or some unknown entity? The physical appearance of the person or thing that pursues you may provide some clues to establishing the origin of the waking threat. Some part of you feels vulnerable, and your dream is trying to reveal this to you. Instead of giving in to the fear or terror you may experience, try to look at the imagery and symbols objectively. Keeping notes in your book of shadows may reveal the clues you need to uncover the threat so that you may take necessary steps to protect yourself. Even a simple act, such as placing mirrors on your windowsill to reflect negative energies, may prove to be a useful charm when confronted with such a dream.

Dreams of Being Embraced or Loved

Rapturous dreams bring feelings of ecstasy and desire to our dreaming minds. The feeling of being cherished and adored in a dream can be so powerful and moving that you may not wish to awaken from the comforting embrace. Many times, a dream of being loved is a manifestation of the waking desire to make a connection with a person or to connect with a special quality associated with a specific person. Look into the nature of the love that you experience in your dream. Is it a person known to you, someone with whom you already have an intimate relationship? This may be a signal from your unconscious to explore your connection to that person. The key will be found in in the relationship. Perhaps you are dreaming of someone you do not personally know, for example, a celebrity or an amalgam of several people. Focus on the specific qualities the person has, and try to determine if these are qualities that you wish to invoke into your waking life. Use your grimier to record the nature of not only who you are now, but also the person you wish to become.

Dreams of Injury, Illness, or Death

Dreams of being injured or sick can often be so vivid that the dreamer may even experience discomfort and pain in the dream. Most often, this type of dream is a signal that you are neglecting some aspect of your waking self. When you dream of your own death, your mind is trying to tell you that an important part of yourself needs attention. Maybe there is an aspect of your life that you are not fully actualizing. If you are not actively working toward your dreams in waking life and your aspirations are lying fallow, your dream will remind you of the importance of your priorities and goals.

If you are wounded in your dream, this is a key that points to an emotional disturbance in your waking life. Emotional pain, especially anger, may reveal itself in your dreams as a physical injury. Try to look at the nature of the injury, the part of the body that it is associated with, as well as any loss of function that it may cause. These will be the keys that may point you in the direction to healing the emotional pain that you are experiencing. A healing ritual will be more effective if the specific cause is known. We often build psychic walls around ourselves, and it is difficult for us to even admit when we have been hurt. Fortunately, the dreaming mind is never fooled by the exterior. Look into your heart and you will find healing.

Dreams of Healing, Rebirth, and Renewal

Sometimes when we dream, all seems right with the world. We envision ourselves as complete and whole, pure of body, mind, and spirit. These dreams can be very inspiring and often relate to some type of ability we possess in our waking life that has been restored. Dreams of rebirth and healing are the dreaming mind’s desire for hope for the renewal of life for a loved one or yourself. If you experience this type of dream, know that the reflection in your waking life will be one of fulfillment.

Dreams of Car Trouble or Other Transportation Trouble

Sometimes in a dream, you just can’t get to where you know you need to be. Your path is obstructed and forward movement is thwarted. The symbols that often manifest in these types of dreams relate to our methods of transportation. The dream images may include a car that we cannot steer or one that has lost its brakes. It may include other references to travel by trains or airplanes where an interruption or obstruction to smooth progress is evident.

These types of dreams relate to a waking scenario of diminished control. There is something in your life situation that you feel has gotten out of hand. This can relate to your level of energy, your attitude toward your environment, or your emotional state. These dreams are a clue that you may need to do more grounding and centering work in order to re-establish your relationship to yourself. You may also feel drawn to clarify boundaries in your world and better define your place within these boundaries so you can regain some of the control that you may feel has been lost.

Transportation interruptions in dreams symbolize feelings of missing out on an opportunity in life. Sometimes in your dreams, you find yourself running to catch a train only to be left behind at the station. Obstacles encountered along the way cause interference. These images and motifs translate into waking life, where there may be conditions beyond your control that hinder intentions. If your dream finds you at the train station or airport lacking your ticket or passport, this may indicate that you do not have all the information you need about the waking situation you are facing. Dreams of waiting at the train station may symbolize a transitional period of life.

Conversely, if you are able to overcome the obstacles you face in a dream, this can be interpreted as contentment and happiness with your current journey in life.

Dreams of Pleasurable Travel

These dreams are often the most exhilarating. In your dreams, your ability to travel is limitless. You may find yourself racing across mountains, even flying through the air, with boundless energy. In your waking life, flying dreams or other dreams of fantastic travel directly relate to your ability to influence and affect your own destiny. These dreams portend favorable circumstances for the dreamer and will often be harbingers of satisfaction and control over your situation in waking life.

Dreams of Loss or Damage to Property

If you dream that your house has been damaged, this will likely relate to some sort of actual physical injury that you have endured in your waking life. Different parts of the house can symbolize different parts of the body. The foundation of the house symbolizes your skeleton, and the front door is a metaphor for your mouth, just as windows represent the eyes.

Recording the specific details of your dreams of property loss or damage is key to revealing the waking injury. Likewise, a dream of losing your wallet can symbolize the loss of an aspect of your identity. A dream of losing precious jewelry relates to the loss of a valued relationship, which may be at risk. Think about what the objects in your dreams symbolize and try to relate them to things in your waking life. Often, a dream of a house infested with insects will reveal an actual physical infection that the dreamer might not be aware he or she has. These dreams can be a signal to heal and nourish the physical self as well as your psyche.

Dreams of Restored and Luxurious Property

Sometimes we dream of the beauty of a lush garden on the grounds of a stately mansion. Other times, we may envision our own property transformed into miraculous beauty. Maybe the images of the dream are not dramatic. They could be as simple as finding a cherished object that was once lost. Whatever the imagery, the consistent theme relates to restored physical health, new growth, and well-being in waking life. Pay attention to the object that has been restored in your dream. Dreams of ripe fruit can symbolize increased fertility. A dream of getting your wallet or purse back after it was stolen can signify a return of confidence in waking life. Thriving gardens and blooming flowers represent vitality and restored health. These dreams may be the signs that your craft is working.

Dreams of Performing Poorly on a Test

No matter what phase of life we are in, many of us experience a dream of failing a test. The stress associated with being a student is often present in the subconscious mind in some form. This stress surfaces from time to time during dreams when one is facing a situation that one feels somewhat less than prepared for. These dreams can signify the fear of failure, particularly if some new waking venture is being attempted. A dream of failing a test may relate to a new or possibly unexpected challenge that you must confront in your waking life.

If you dream that you are performing before an audience in some capacity and things are not going well, this may be a signal that you are feeling unprepared to face the life challenge that lies before you. Pay special attention to the nature of the test. You will most likely find the correlation in your waking life.

Dreams of Excellent Performance

When you dream of a flawless performance on a test or some other kind of challenge, this is a metaphor for increased abilities in your waking life. Enjoy this symbol of the actualization of your skills and let it reinforce your confidence. If your dream includes gaining the attention and approval of others, either through applause or some other kind of recognition, this may be a signal that you have a waking desire for greater appreciation from those around you.

Dreams of Drowning or Falling

Falling dreams represent feelings of helplessness in waking life. Pay special attention to the location in which you are falling. The type of fall will provide insight into the waking situation that seems beyond your control. If you dream of falling from the top of a cliff, for example, this may signify that you are on the brink of danger. Falling from a very high place may mean that you have lost your support system. A fall from an amusement park ride could be a metaphor for a situation that began pleasurably, but has somehow turned threatening. It is not uncommon to awaken suddenly once you hit the ground after a dream fall. Others will sleep through this stage of the dream, and even see their bodies lying on the ground. The suddenness of hitting the ground may represent a shocking new awareness of a situation that you are facing in the waking world. Remember that dreams are reflections of the things that we hope and fear and need to confront. They are not always literal harbingers of destiny.

Dreams of drowning are also common motifs. They will often represent waking feelings of being overwhelmed. Let your dreams be your guide to revealing the aspects of your life that can benefit from positive magick. Remember to record as many details as possible. What may seem initially minor or inconsequential could possibly provide treat insight into how you deal with waking situations.

Dreams of Flying, Swimming, or Dancing

The exhilaration of these types of dreams can be very inspiring. Contemplate the elemental correlations for the different types of dreams of utter freedom. Dreams of flying signify that you are in tune with the air element. A flying dream can also signify your connection to spirituality, or it can mean you are getting closer to achieving a cherished waking goal. A flying dream lets you know that you are free to achieve the desires of your waking mind.

Similarly, a dream of swimming confidently is a metaphor for your connection to the element of water. This may signify a balance of the emotions and the freedom to explore the hidden depths of your feelings.

Dreams of dancing joyfully correspond to the earth element. This dream is telling you that you are well grounded and ready to participate in the pleasures that life has to offer.

Dreams of Being Naked in Public

Another common dream motif is that of appearing in public either naked, clad only in underwear, or in some other state of partial or inappropriate dress. This type of dream signifies emotional vulnerability and feelings of being exposed. You may be in a waking situation where situation where you could be easily hurt. Perhaps you have revealed your innermost secrets to someone and are not sure if this was the right thing to do. Pay attention to how you react to your nudity in the dream. If you are trying to cover it up, you may have a weakness that you are trying to conceal in your waking life.

Sometimes we enjoy and even revel in nudity in our dreams. Rather than symbolizing vulnerability and exposure, these dreams are a metaphor for the freedom from repression or other constraints — social, ideological, or physical. Appearing proudly naked in a dream is a sign from your dreaming mind that you possess some strong waking ability that you wish to reveal to others.

Dreams of Being Well Dressed

Dreams of being well dressed indicate your waking confidence in your appearance or your role in life. Try to examine the clothes you are wearing in your dream to look for clues to their significance. Dreams of being dressed in wedding finery may be interpreted as the healing of a waking intimate relationship. Appearing in your dream dressed in a uniform could signify job or career success. See if the details of your dream motifs correspond with any spell work you are doing. These dreams can be affirmations that you are on the right track.

Dreams of Telephone or Other Communication Malfunctions

If in your dream you find yourself trying to use a telephone that continuously malfunctions, this may symbolize communication difficulties in waking life. These miscommunications may not be literal at all, but may indicate some inability to express emotions that may lead to feelings of being misunderstood. Look for symbolic and physical overtones. Are you trying to operate a phone that won’t dial property? This may be a sign that you are unsure how to connect with your partner in an intimate relationship. Are you confused over the operation of the phone or other device, such as a computer?

Perhaps you do not have enough information to fully clarify your emotional state. Light a white candle and meditate for a while before going to bed, asking the goddess to grant you clarity that you may overcome the communication difficulties you are facing.

Dreams of Smooth Mechanical Operations

These dreams, which are rarer than dreams of communication difficulties, may signify a new level of spiritual contact, particularly if you dream that a departed loved one has called you on the phone. This type of dream can symbolize a waking intellectual connection. You may rise in the morning with a feeling of new insight into a particular situation.

Dreams of Natural Disasters

Natural disasters surface in our dreams from time to time: earthquakes, hurricanes, floods, tornadoes, ect. Most often, these dreams of nature’s fury point to emotional upheaval in the waking world. If you find yourself dreaming of the aftermath of a storm, this may signify emotional damage. Floods can symbolize being overwhelmed in waking life, whereas fires reflect an abundance of anger or passion. Use your connection to nature to fully explore the implications of such dreams. Do not be afraid to write down what is bothering you. Sometimes the mere act of expressing the emotions is a sufficient first step toward healing them.

Dreams of Miracles and Natural Beauty

Sometimes, during a time of crisis, a vision of natural beauty so perfect in its form will enter into our dreams like a gift from the goddess to soothe the spirit. Dreams of flourishing gardens, crystal clear rivers, and calm waters are indicative of the reflection of our spiritual home. These dreams symbolize abundance and happiness. They represent renewal, inspiration, and the attainment of wisdom.

Dreams of Being Trapped or Lost

When confusion and conflict arises in waking life, it is often reflected in our dreams. We envision ourselves being trapped or lost in unfamiliar territory. Desires are elusive and we have great difficulty finding our way. If you experience such a dream, try to relate it to your waking experience. Perhaps you are faced with a choice, and the path to take is not clear. Maybe you are experiencing difficulty articulating your desires. If you cannot name that which you seek, you will not be able to call it to yourself.

Use your book of shadows to name the things you desire most, especially if they pertain to making a choice or decision that may prove difficult. Look at the specific locations in your dreams where you become lost. Try to identify clues as to the nature or source of your alienation. Seek balance in your craft and the fog will left, revealing the truth path.

Dreams of Discovering New Places

If you find yourself making new discoveries in a dream about a familiar place, this may signify a deepening spiritual connection. Finding a new room in a house you know well may symbolize life-expanding capabilities. Since the home is also a metaphor for the body, discovering new places in a home can also indicate returning health after an illness. Dreams of opening windows may indicate increased awareness and the ability to see new possibilities. Open doors represent new beginnings and improvements in communication.

Dreams of Being Threatened by a Spirit

Although one of the less common universal dreams, those who experience the nightmare of being visited by an unfriendly spirit often find the dream impossible to dismiss or ignore. These dreams can be particularly frightening if the spirit is someone you knew who passed on. You may be experiencing unresolved feelings towards this person. Perhaps things were left undone or unsaid. Having a confrontational spiritual contact in your dream should not be viewed as entirely negative no matter how disturbing it may seem. It may be a part of the grieving process, particularly if the dream involves the spirit of someone who has actually died. If the spirit is not connected to an actual person, it could be a signal that a cherished part of yourself has died. Look at your dreams and goals and see if they are in alignment with your present course of action. There is a lesson for you in this dream, and you must confront your fears in order to discover its true message.

Dreams of Being Guided by a Spirit

The visitation of a spirit with a message can be a tremendously affirming dream. Sometimes a spirit who has passed beyond the veil will come back to say goodbye or let us know that all is well. Other times, a spirit will come back to guide us through the difficult times in our lives, offering hope during times of grief and despair. These dreams can be tremendously comforting and may offer respite from feelings of sorrow, all the while providing us with greater insight into the world beyond. Look upon these dreams for what they probably are: communication from the spiritual realm.

Recording dreams in your grimier will enable you to become more adept at interpreting symbols. You will begin to recognize patterns of thought and emotion and ascertain how they correlate within your dream imagery. Pay attention to details and look for the magick in the mundane — therein lie the secrets of the subconscious, waiting to be revealed. You may find that your interpretations improve once you have established a consistent dream-recording ritual.

Your grimoire will be an integral part of this process of growing awareness and discovery because it will contain the records of your dreams, captured in your earliest waking moments and unspoiled by the tendency, which sets in as the day progresses, to rationalize and judge your feelings. Your grimoire is the perfect place to record the private details of your unconscious, for it is the unconscious mind we seek to bring to consciousness when we perform magick. Use your grimoire as the canvas upon which to paint an open and honest picture of your dreams, your fears, your hopes, and your aspirations. Get to know yourself all over again, and get writing.

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