Dragon Ritual Tools

Every sincere magician is always searching for ways to amplify their magickal power so that their manifestations will be more accurate and consistent. An excellent method for increasing the flow of energy in your cast circle is to use the elemental type power of Dragons. There are certain ritual tools that you will find useful for practicing Dragon Magick and if you are already practicing Magick then you will have some of them already. If you are just beginning to work in magick then acquire your tools slowly and with care. It is important to remember that your tools do not have to be elaborate or expensive to work nor do they have to be expensive. As each tool is discussed I will mention alternatives that can be used if you don't have these items. If your budget does not allow you to purchase anything at the moment don't put off beginning your practice of Dragon Magick.


Any table chest or microwave cart will do as long as it is comfortable to sit or stand during ritual


If can't use candles substitute an electric candle or small light

Incense Burner

Can use incense sticks or cones choosing scents to match ritual. If no incense is available, use pleasant smelling aftershave or cologne


Can be a paring knife, letter opener as long as tip is sharp and double edged. Element of Fire.


Doesn't have to be elaborate or expensive. Choose one that is not too long or heavy. Element of Fire


Can be easily made out of a piece of dowel, no longer than length of forearm plus your fingers. Glue or attach a crystal or small crystal ball to directing end. In Dragon Magick wand is used to consecrate wine, water, and salt. Element of Air


Can be piece of dowel or natural wood about shoulder-high. Attach crystal at top end if you would like. If using smooth dowel you can purchase four lengths of cording the length of staff. Cording should be in colors of the elements (red, yellow, blue, and dark green or black), tack or glue length of cording down each side of staff to correspond with elemental directions, attach tassels of the same colors at the top end of each piece of cording. You can further decorate staff with small bells or whatever seems appropriate to you. The staff serves as a connecting link between Magician and astral plane and becomes the Dragon bridge, it is symbol of magickal authority, your right to call upon and work with dragons. Also symbolic of center of circle or Element of Spirit.


One for water and one for wine. One for water can be of any material, one for wine advisable that it be lined with a good coating of silver if it is pewter, brass, bronze, or copper. Wine and other acidic beverages create dangerous reactions with certain metals. If you cannot drink wine then you can substitute apple cider, grape juice, fruit juice, or even soda. Water chalice is Element of Water. Wine chalice is Element of Earth, sometimes Fire when used for "blood".

Salt Container

Small jar with lid is best because you will be keeping your ritual salt separate from kitchen salt after consecration. Element of Earth.

Dragon Bowl

Whenever you are on an outing and feel within the area a power that draws you, take an extremely small amount of dirt or sand back for your Dragon Bowl. This Dragon Bowl and its contents will be used to empower objects in magickal ritual. The Bowl and its contents naturally are Element of Earth

Gem Bowl

Clear glass bowl for stones and gems that you collect or buy. Expensive, polished gems are not necessarily any better than those found in the rough in Nature or the tumbled ones found in rock shops. This Gem Bowl does not need a lid because stones radiate power at all times without any loss. Element of Earth

Water Bottles

If you plan to work with water or sea dragons, you need to purchase a number of small bottles with lids that can be securely fastened. Again you will be collecting small amounts of water from various sites where you feel the radiation of dragon power, or strong elemental energies. Even rainwater as power. Carefully label each bottle so you can remember where you got it. Element of Water

Pentacle Disk

Necessary for consecrations and other ritual work, usually a metal or wooden disk with a pentagram painted or etched on it. However, there is no reason that the Pentacle cannot be made out of Cardboard. It is of the elements of both Spirit and Earth and helps to control and balance all other of the Elements. When used as an element of Earth, it grounds Spirit in the Ritual.

Dragon Pentacle

Used as either a picture or disk, presented during specific rituals as a means of establishing your authority to call the Dragons and is of the Element of Spirit


Any shape, a plain wooden or plastic frame around a mirror makes it easier to write on your magickal statement. Around all edges in DragonScript should be written: "By the power of the eye of the Dragon, I capture and harmonize all airborne thoughts." Element of Earth and Spirit


Useful for certain dragon rituals, can substitute finger cymbals or small glass or brass bell as long as its tone is clear and attractive. One means of attracting the dragon's attention during certain portions of ritual and also signal to Magicians subconscious mind deep personal attention is needed.

Pictures or images of Dragons idea behind figurines or pictures is that they help magician better visualize different types of Dragons.

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