Dragon Child

It was dark tears were still forcing their way out of her eyes. She could taste the dirt in her mouth, feel it on her face, clutch it in her hands. In the darkness she looked up to the two swaying figures. Her parents. She looked toward the house, her brothers waited for her there. They were frightened, she was the one who would lead them now. She stood up and walked toward it, she had to figure out what to do.

The knight bowed to his king. He loved his king and county and would die and kill for it. "There is a situation among certain peasants. They have not paid their taxes, I would like you to go and seize the land from them, they are far away." The knight agreed and went to obey.

Only to find himself upside down and hanging.

She was furious! How dare another of the kings men come here? Hadn't killing her parents been enough? What did they want? Would they ever be satisfied?

The children circled around the young idealistic knight, as they tried to figure out what to do with him, they didn't want be slaughtered, that was for sure.

The knight was bewildered. The king send men to kill the peasants parents? Not likely, must have been robbers or something else. He made the assurance that not only would he not kill them, but he would help with the crops and the land.

They let him down.

At first she did not trust him, but he proved himself, and when the harvest came he helped still and they sold everything at the market. By then the twins left to be traveling mistrals. The knight, was quite smitten with her and had written a head to ask the queen if she could be one of her lady's in waiting. He intended to marry her and had taken the youngest boy as a page.

The reply came, and was as expected. Of course this would be done.

All goodbyes were said. Now if you had asked her if she loved the knight, the answer was no, but she knew she had no alternative other than remain a peasant and live in squalid conditions. They arrived on a bright sunny day and so began her new life.

She was not used to the bed. She was not used to so much inactivity. She was restless. She crept out of the room she shared with some of the other 'ladies' who of course didn't like her. And traveled around the castle. She found a staircase that she didn't remember and climbed it. At the top was a door with an unusual symbol affixed to it. The door swung open and she found to her surprise, she had been expected.

There were days when the knight in the black armor would walk with her. She knew it was improper and that she shouldn't, but he never asked her so, what was she to do. She would marry her knight no matter what, that was her honor. It was slightly amusing to watch this other knight try so hard for her favor.

The knight bowed in front of his king again. He wasn't so sure about his beloved king anymore, and that saddened him. "I have another problem. There is a great dragon, he has stolen my wealth. I want you to destroy him."

He knew he shouldn't be doing this. But he had to know, he had to talk to the Great Dragon. He couldn't really see it, just the part of the sky that blotted it out, and his lady was there, he wasn't really surprised.

The dragon spoke to them. Thoughts, pictures, words and feelings all at once. He had always been there. Before the king, before the kingdom. The gold he took as his own, for it was on his land was it not? He had what the king called wealth, the king was jealous and covetous. He wanted what he couldn't have, he wanted power he couldn't control. The Great One only defended himself and his land, but the king wanted it all.

Before any of this could properly be absorbed the girl turned to see the knight in the dark armor, he rode with many. And as she adjusted her witch sight, she could see the poison on the weapons carried. The poison would shred not only the body, but the soul as well.

Her knight ran up, was cut down, she saw the spells and weapons pointing toward the Great One, she threw herself and her strongest spells at them, she did not feel herself as she was destroyed, shattered into thousands of peaces.

In that instant the Great One destroyed all of the foolish knights. He then grabbed the peaces of the girl. He knew he couldn't reassemble her with out a female of his kind so he 'called' Leviathan.

She came. He had not been able to catch all of her spirit/soul. So together, the Great One and Leviathan used part of theirs. She was a worthy, and would be sent on to learn. And since she no longer carried a spirit/soul that was entirely human, but part dragon, she would someday be reborn as Leviathan's child.

The girl shook her head. She was sitting on a gross orange plastic chair in the train depot. Her fiancé had gone to Vietnam, she knew he would not return. She shook her head again. What had she been thinking about? She stood and began to walk back, best not think about it, she had to much to do.

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