DIY Rituals

Rituals can be a confusing area for new Witches and Wiccans; there are literally thousands available online and in books, many of them amended versions of each other. It's hard to sift through them all to find one in particular that speaks to you, that's why it's important to learn how to create your own rituals, ones that come from inside.

I know what you're thinking "Me? Write something like that? I wouldn't know where to start!"

Trust me, creating your own rituals isn't as hard as you might think, once you look at the basic structure of a ritual, it's all fill-in-the-blanks from there. However, if the whole idea of being creative with your rituals feels a little bit too much all at once, it's perfectly okay to use pre-written ones, just try to put a little of yourself into it too.

Ritual Basics

Before you sit down and start writing, it's important that you understand the purpose behind the ritual you'd like to do, and how it makes you feel. While the idea of research might seem like a pain, if you don't do your homework, you'll end up with a ritual that doesn't really mean much to anyone. Keep in mind that rituals don't have to be ornately worded affairs that take hours to perform; some of the most powerful rituals are the ones spoken directly from the heart, without the benefit of pencil and paper, it's up to you.

Once you've gotten the idea in your mind and you're comfortable with all the information you've read, it's time to start writing. Every ritual, no matter how many people or Gods it involves is set up basically the same way:

Casting the Circle
This is perhaps the most obvious of all steps included here; the space within your circle is sacred and sometimes considered to be "between worlds". Not only does it keep out any unwanted negative influences and energies, it also helps to keep your own energy in for the time being.

Call the Elements/Corners/Quarters
This is known by so many different names by so many people, but the intent is the same — to call upon the elements so they can watch over you and lend some protective aid if needed. Consider them your circles "bouncers".

Call Upon the Gods
Perhaps one of the most personal parts of a ritual, you can ask for their presence during this time, either for a specific purpose, or just to get to know them better. If you don't have a particular God/Goddess to call upon, you can ask for the presence of the "Lord" and "Lady".

Build Your Energy
Known by lots of different names, this refers to the part of the ritual where you begin to build your power, either by chanting, dancing, singing or all of the above. This is an important step if you want your rituals to work out

State the Purpose
Once you've called upon these energies and deities to be at your side, you'd best have a good reason for doing it — you can state your intent verbally, in writing or by meditating. However, it's important not to move on from this from this step until you feel your purpose has been properly stated.

Cakes and Ale
While not really necessary, but more traditional, this particular step helps to further "ground" you, and by eating and drinking, you can easily focus yourself back tot he more "real" world.

Release Your Energy
You raised the energy earlier, now you must let it go in order for your ritual to be effective. Most times this is a draining experience, and some Witches feel tired but "good" after ritual work.

Thanking the Gods
This part is fairly obvious — if you've asked for the presence of the Gods during your ritual, it's important to thank them and let them know you appreciate them being with you.

Releasing the Quarters
Similar to thanking the Gods, this simply lets the beings you called upon to know that their task is done, and that you appreciate their help.

Release the Circle
The final step of a ritual. This clears your sacred working space so that it, and you can go back to the normal routines of life feeling much better about it all.

Please keep in mind that these steps are guidelines, not elements written in stone, to help you better organize yourself when it comes to ritual work.

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