Dissolve into You

Lying next to you
Lost inside your breath
Skin to skin
Vanities paper thin

Vulnerable without protection
I'll dissolve into you
Diffuse your pain
Dissipate your damage

Wrap you in unconditional love
Like the day you were born
Innocent and sheltered
Held inside your mother's arms

All those bruises laid upon you
By little kids with teenage egos
Will be soothed by ardent hands
That will lay upon you tenderly

Love will assuage your pained soul
As we fervently travel
Down the illusive yellow brick road
Looking for lost dreams within the earth

Dreams that fell from our fickle minds
As we casually strayed from father's eye
Deviating us from our chosen paths
That promised to lead us into the Garden of Eden

The sanctity we were forbidden to enter
For raping Eve of her sacred apple
As we danced upon the devil's ground
Far away from its immaculate gates

Hopefully after perilously making our way back
No fateful day will befall us under shaken skies
Causing times hands to cataclysmically split us apart
Blindly pushing me to the other side of night

Where I will lie in between the sun and moon
Shivering under the endless morning sky
Cold and lost without your protection
With sullen widows dancing in my head

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