Designing Your Own Spell Using Correspondences

Spells are not hard to create if you remember the following:

  • Each spell should have a statement of intent.
  • Most spell work should be done in the magick circle.
  • All items you use in the spell should correspond to each other. There are exceptions to this rule, called spells of antipathy, where you want things to be opposite each other for a reason. Let’s say you wish to bring balance into your life. If this is the case, you might choose a black candle and a white candle. Light and the absence of light (black) are in antipathy.
  • You should try to get a taglock if possible, especially if you are first learning magick. A taglock is something that belongs to the person for whom you are working the magick. Although outsiders often think it’s yucky that magickal people use hair and fingernails to work magick for someone, this practice isn’t as weird as it sounds. Given what we know today about DNA, the ancients were right when they said these things carry your energy patterns. If you find this particularly repulsive or if someone in your household would go ballistic seeing stuff like this on your altar, then their photograph or something they have touched frequently will do. The closer the taglock to their DNA structure, the faster the magick works. Using a picture, for example, might take longer for a healing spell than if you included a lock of hair. If you know a person’s birth date, time, and place, you can get a copy of their astrological chart off the Internet and use that as a taglock as well.
  • Always work for “the best possible outcome” no matter what the problem or situation. If you do this, then ethical questions will not be that big of a deal. Remember, magick is the act of creating balance.
  • Research all parts of the spell thoroughly. Known what deity, colors, gems, herbs, ect. match each other through their energy patterns before you mix them together. Given the correspondence lists in this book, this shouldn’t be to hard. Later, when you want to get fancy, you’ll be eager to discover new information on your own.
  • Try to remain focused throughout the spell work. No blaring stereos, interruptions, telephone calls, ect.
  • Don’t work while you are angry or stressed. Always remember to ground, center, and breathe!
  • Be honorable and honest in every magickal operation. Sometimes a spell isn’t needed — an attitude adjustment is what’s necessary.
  • Don’t forget to use your “Secret Formula”.
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