Desert Sky

The desert was dark and cool. We sat on the tailgate of the pickup and drank, slowly. Although neither of us talked, we were surrounded by the sound of crickets and other desert animals. No sound of cars on the freeway, trains in the distance, or the laughter of neighbors. Just the dark and the desert around us like a blanket.

We drank in silence for a while, then he touched my neck, gently. He rubbed the tension of a long day away, then draped his arm around my shoulders. I curled against him and nuzzled his neck. His arm tightened around me and just held me closer. We sat that way for a while, then put the drinks down and lay back to look up at the stars. Without the light pollution of the city, the stars were luminescent, and we found constellations in the night sky.

Our drinks now discarded, we touched each other playfully. I ran my hand down his side to see if he was ticklish, and he kissed my fingers. He touched the curve of my face, and turned it toward him. In the moonlight, I could see his face, and reached up to touch it. The kiss began as a gentle caress of lips, then turned passionate. As his tongue slipped into my mouth, I moaned and pressed against him.

He slipped the robe off my shoulders and bent to kiss my nipples. I shivered as he ran his hand down along the curve of my hip and then around my back. I opened his shirt with one motion, slid my hands down along his side, and undid his pants with an urgency that surprised me.

He nuzzled my nipples while I freed his member from his pants and began to stroke it, slowly. I made long vertical strokes and ran my finger around its head while he slid his arm from around my back and put his fingers inside me. As he touched me, I arched my back and moaned at the night sky. He covered my mouth with his and matched the motion of his fingers with that of his tongue. We moved that way for several minutes before I broke my mouth free and spoke.

"I want to taste you," I said. He smiled, said "Let's do it together," and moved around to make that possible. We lay side by side, and I took his cock into my mouth and recreated my hand strokes with my tongue — first long, slow vertical strokes, then faster ones. He was busy with his tongue, flicking it across my clit faster and faster until I wanted to scream. But of course I couldn't scream with my mouth full, so I just sucked harder and made my mouth strokes faster and faster.

I tangled my fingers in his hair, and he did likewise. We seemed to be trying to pull ourselves closer into each other, as if that were possible. What we did accomplish was that neither of us could move away (which was okay since neither of us wanted to move anyway).

He started to make strokes of his own into my mouth, and I knew he would come soon. The passion flowed through us like an electrical current, and as he got closer to coming, he brought me closer too. We came in a fiery orgasm that engulfed us both, then lay spent and tried to catch our breath.

When we were able, we retrieved our drinks and lay back in the bed of the pickup on a blanket, naked. We stared at the stars, and just held hands for a while.

"For someone who talks as much as you do, you don't seem to have much to say," he said quietly. "There are times when words aren't necessary," I replied. He rolled onto me and held my hands down beside my head. "In a playful mood, are we?" I asked. "Sure. Lovemaking is play for adults," he said with a smile.

We rolled around in the pickup bed under the stars, exploring each others' bodies slowly. When I felt him hard against my hip, I rolled him over and climbed on top. We laced our fingers together and I rocked back and forth, first slowly, then faster. He moaned and I bent to kiss him as I felt him get closer to coming. He came seconds before I did, which meant I got to see the look of intense pleasure on his face before he saw it on mine.

I collapsed on him, spent, and he pulled the blanket around us. When we could move again, we finished our drinks and went inside to sleep.

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