Days of the Week


Sunday is traditionally the first day of the week on the Western calendar. As suggested by its name, Sunday is ruled by the sun. This makes it a desirable day for any magickal work that involves growth, family, community, inspiration, and identifying with the aspects of the God. Because Sunday is conducive to bringing people together, it is an excellent day for performing group ritual. With its biblical connotation of being a day of rest, the day is also suited for solitary meditation and introspection. Meditate on the aspects of the sun gods like Ra (Egyptian) or Apollo (Greek) to lend strength and meaning to your work.


Monday is ruled by the moon. Magickal work planned for a Monday should involve aspects of the Goddess and any rites to honor Her. In Wicca, the phases of the moon are revered as natural symbols of the different phases of womanhood. Spells and rituals invoking change are appropriate for a Monday.

The moon rules the tides, so spells involving water are also appropriate for this time. Think of purification and cleansing work that you may need to do. Even consecrating your chalice would be an appropriate work for a Monday. Meditate on the aspects of the Greek maiden huntress, Artemis, twin sister of Apollo, or on Her Roman counterpart, Diana of the silver bow. The lunar energy will bless your work if you acknowledge it correctly.


Tuesday is ruled by the planet Mars and named for the Nordic god Tyr, the invincible warrior whose attributes are strength, attainment of desire, and manifestation of the will. Spells and rituals in alignment with Tuesday would be those involving conflict resolution or competition. Mars is also the god of war in the Roman pantheon, and while this does not mean that violence and chaos will occur on Tuesdays, it should be taken into account that this day is better suited for strategic planning or defensive maneuvers.

Perhaps you have the strong sense that you have been the victim of a psychic attack from another person. Tuesday would be a good day to practice a reversing spell so that no further harm may come to you. It is also a good time to build your psychic defenses through protection rituals. Meditate on the end of conflict and the return of peace.


Wednesday is ruled by the planet Mercury and named for the Norse god Woden, or Odin. Odin is the father of the gods and represents ultimate wisdom. In Roman mythology, Mercury is the messenger of the gods and is often viewed as an aspect of Odin; both deities are characterized as wanderers with sharp wits.

Rites and spells for Wednesday involved communication and the sending and receiving of messages. Developing your attunement to goddesses and gods to receive oracular communication would be a desirable effort for a Wednesday divination. Work involving communication with spirits, with a pendulum, runes, or some other tool with which you have some expertise would be suitable as well. Writers, poets, and scholars will also benefit from the influences of this day.


Thursday is ruled by the planet Jupiter, the Roman king of the gods, and is named for the god Thor. Political and legal issues are appropriate themes for the spells and rituals of this day, as are rites of abundance and material success. Thor is the thunder bearer and wields a mighty hammer, signifying strength and victory. If you are trying to influence the outcome of a legal proceeding, you may find that enacting the spell on a Thursday will be advantageous to you. Perhaps you have strong political allegiances and wish to make a difference in an electoral proceeding. You may find that working your magick on a Thursday gives it an added significance. Perhaps you have been trying to call to yourself the ideal employment situation, or maybe you are in need of a financial windfall. Lighting a green candle on Thursday will improve the effectiveness of your endeavors.


Friday is dedicated to the planet Venus, personified as the Roman goddess of love. The Nordic goddess Freya, the patroness of women of power, gave her name to this day. In Norse mythology, she presides over the Valkyries, the winged goddesses who bring fallen heroes to Valhalla, the realm of the gods. Renowned for her beauty, Freya is often called “the Fair One”. Any spells or charms relating to matters of the heart are appropriate for this day, as well as divination for inspiration in the arts. The influence of Venus is strong on Fridays and makes this day suitable for issues dealing with love, comfort, and the fulfillment of desire.


Saturday is ruled by the planet Saturn, who represents ultimate mystery. Any rituals dealing with occult knowledge, the unknown, transformation, even death, are appropriate for a Saturday. Saturn is also the planet of karma, so any work dealing with past life regression or karmic lessons would be advantageous on this day.

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