Dance in the Circle

"Come to the Cir-cle, dance with me;
Dance in the Cir-cle where we'll be
In the moon-light turn-ing round,
Danc-ing on the fairy mound."
One two three four; one two three four.
All of the Wit-ches dance and sing.
To the right; Turn, leap a — round the ring.
Move round the Cir-cle start-ing slow.
On round the Cir-cle, see them go!
Thir-teen Wit-ches hav-ing fun.
Fast-er! 'Til the dance is done.
They all go running, leaping high
Over the bonfire, to the sky.
Happy laughter; give and take.
They'll be there till daybreak.
Never slowing; puffing, blowing;
Deosil circle, round and round.
Moving slow; moving fast;
Spin, jump and hit the ground.
Hark to the sounds of Witchcraft joy!
Watch as the girl spins with her boy.
Happy, happy pagans they,
Dancing in the Wiccan way.
After the dancing there will be
Plenty of happy memories.
There is ritual; there are rites;
Ceremony all night.
"We love the God! We love Goddess!"
All of the Witches cry out loud.
"We are one! We share love!"
Wiccans — they all are proud.
Pray'rs to the Lady and her Lord.
Thanks to them both with blessings stor'd.
Priest and Priestess; Witches all;
Proudly they can stand tall.

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