Cultures, Religions, Practices, and Their World Trees


World Tree: Axis Mundi, around which the cosmos is oriented; the joining of body, mind and spirit, the three worlds.


World Tree: Peepul or Bo Tree — under which Buddha attained enlightenment.


World Tree: Pear and mulberry, beneath which oneness flows.

Christian Mysticism

World Tree: Tree of Life (sometimes attributed to the Virgin Mary).


World Tree: Oak, the Sacred Nemeton, Bile.


World Tree: Sycamore fig from which the goddess Hathor extended nourishment to the dead. Represents Nut, goddess of the heavens, and is sometimes called the Lady Sycamore.


World Tree: Brahman was the wood, the tree from which was shaped all heaven and earth.


World Tree: Has several trees, including the tree of blessing and illumination, the tree of happiness, and the celestial tree at the center of paradise from which flows the four rivers of water, milk, honey, and wine. Also the world tree on whose leaves the name of every person is written.

Jewish Mysticism

World Tree: Kabbalah’s Tree of Life, the four worlds, and the ten Sefiroth.


World Tree: Yaxche, which supports the layers of the sky.


World Tree: Ash, Yggdrasil, from which the nine worlds can be reached.


World Tree: Tammuz, vegetation god gifting the Earth through his tree of life.


World Tree: The Magick Mill; pole star.

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