Creating Your Sacred Space

It can be hard for teens to create a sacred space of their own, especially when others do not understand your religion or your family does not feel comfortable practicing your religion. Here are some simple ways to create a sacred space for yourself in your own room.

One thing you can do is set up an altar. The altar does not have to be a special table. When I was a teenager, I set my altar up on my dresser. You can also use a vanity for this purpose. Obviously, your magical tools should not be out for all to see except during ritual, but you can place other magical items on your alter. Candles are a great idea for bedroom altars if you are allowed to use them. Be sure, however, that there are no candles anywhere near anything flammable. You would be surprised what they can catch on fire, even if they seem to be in a safe place. Never place a candle anywhere where something will hang over it more than four feet away. This also means you should never place a candle on a shelf if there is another shelf above it. My husband's roommate made this mistake just a few years ago and burned down his apartment complex! If you are allowed to burn incense, you can place a stick burner on your altar. It will serve well enough for what you will be doing. The altar does not need more than a few simple items. For a God or Goddess figure, use statues, paintings, or pictures. One good idea is to print a color picture from the internet. Frame it in a small decorative picture frame and keep it on your altar. There are many fine art prints available that you can copy for personal use. Your altar can be a place to lay decorations based on the seasons. I used to also set a bowl in front of my God/dess figure in which to place offerings during certain holidays.

Purify your sacred area using incense smoke and spring water with sea salt. Sprinkling these items around the room, under furniture, and in closets, will repel negative spirits and entities.

Create permanent watchtowers. In each corner, or on each wall of your room, you can create a permanent watchtower. Determine compass north of your room. Normally, you might have a piece of furniture on each wall of your room where you can set up a tiny watchtower altar. The simplest way to do this would be to hang a picture on each of your four walls in the direction it belongs. You can hang a picture of a dragon on the south wall for fire, a picture of a wolf on the north wall for earth, a picture of a dolphin or whale on the west wall for water, and a picture of a fairy or bird on the east wall to represent air. If you are allowed to use candles, place a candle of the appropriate color on a piece of furniture at each of the four quarters.

One important factor of creating sacred space is to keep the area clean. Clutter outside will promote clutter in the mind and will not be good for magical working. Remember, sacred space should be just that — sacred. The idea is that your room will become your temple. Care for it as you care for your beliefs.

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