Creating a Magick Mirror

1. Use 3/8-½ inch piece of plywood and cut out an equilateral, equiangular triangle. The length of each side is equal and each angle is exactly 60 degrees. Undercoat it and paint it flat white. Using flat black paint, paint the names of Greek Gods along the border of the wood, not outside it. Using flat, red paint, write Mi-cha-el. To seal, use a flat, clear finish like varathane or polyurethane. The size of each side of triangle should be 1½ feet per side.

2. Go to a store that cuts glass and have them cut a flat disc for you, not any smaller then 4 inches. Use gloves when handling the glass. Place the disc under running water to purify it. Dry it thoroughly with a clean, soft cloth. Place the glass on sheets of newspaper. Make sure the topmost side is free from lint and other particles. Spray paint it (top) a flat black. The best paint to use is a paint for making blackboards. When dry, turn over to make sure there is no paint on the other side of the mirror. If there is, take it off. Hold the glass up to the light to make sure that no light is coming through.

3. Obtain mirror mounts from a hardware store. Mount the "L" mounts, paint them a flat black as well. The unpainted side of the mirror should be towards you. There is no need to draw a physical circle. If you wish, you can draw a circle in chalk. The triangle is placed outside the circle and raised at eye level. The angle may be up to 45 degrees but no more. Place it at the East of the circle, quite close to the edge. Perhaps you can lean it against a chair. This completes most of the physical preparations.

You will need two candle holders, long enough to be held. You also need the Seal of the Entity you wish to invoke. The Seal may be made on paper. Incense should be near so as to inhale it. Perform the Opening by Watchtower. Light the candles and stare into the magick mirror. Perform conjuration. Perform until you see the Spirit.

Move on to your questions:
"What do you see in the mirror?"

Write what is seen.
"What is thy name?"

If it is the right Spirit, point the dagger used in the LBRP at the triangle, say:
"By the power of God have I called thee! Give unto me a true answer!"

Now state what you desire. Write down anything said or done. Then release the Spirit.

Finish with the Closing by Watchtower.

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