Craft Your Invocations

To the East, Realm of Dawn

Begin with a simple meditation. When contemplating the east, try to do this work at sunrise. Find an eastern-facing spot and rise early enough that you can see and feel the tranquil transition of the awakening world. This will give you a very real experience with the meaning of new beginnings as night surrenders her darkness to the power of the rising sun. Birds emerge from sleep and herald the start of the day. The grasses are wet with dew and the world seems fresh and undisturbed. Use this magickal time to gain a fuller understanding of the east that you invoke. Write down your experience of your dawn meditation.

To the South, Realm of High Noon

Preferably on a bright and sunny day, begin your work experiencing the south. Find a space where you can sit quietly and relatively undisturbed as you breathe and envision the glowing center of energy contained within you as an internal echo of the sun itself. Face the south. Do not look directly into the sun overhead, but feel its heat and warmth on your face and shoulders. Notice the heightened activity of the day, when everything seems to be at its very peak. The sun gives life and life thrives in its presence. It is also dangerous. The power of the sun creates deserts and can burn our skin. Contemplate this duality of nurture and danger.

To the West, Realm of Sunset

At the time of the setting sun, when the earth begins to grow quiet again, face the west. In many mythologies, the western lands are seen as a magickal place. To the west lay the Summerlands, the Isle of Apples, Avalon, Tir na Nog, and the Isle of Man. Notice the changes in the sky. The sun drops lower toward the horizon, the temperature cools, and nocturnal creatures emerge from their sleep. Twilight covers the sky with many colors, and at last land and sea appear to be one.

To the North, Realm of Midnight

In the darkest hour of midnight, when the moon is bright and all are asleep, begin your meditation on the north. Gaze at the stars if you are so inclined. Find Polaris, the North Star, which has aided sailors and navigators for centuries. Know that once you find the North Star, you can never truly be lost. Picture the earth in the sleep of winter, trees bare of their leaves, the earth frozen and solid, icicles dangling from branch and twig. Know that you are standing upon the earth, the Great Mother who gave life to us all and who will one day ultimately cradle our bones. As the north pulls the compass point to itself, its magnetism and power are undeniable. When you call this direction, you are calling wisdom and knowledge. When you write your invocation of the north, the words will resonate on the spiritual plane, for you have experienced its essence firsthand.

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