Correspondences of the North
Element Earth
Colors Green, Dark Green, Brown, White, Black
Time Midnight
Season Winter
Zodiacal Signs Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn
Tool Pentacle, Black Mirror
Elemental Gnome, Kobold
Angel Gabriel
Wind Boreas, Ophion
King Fal, Cernunnos
Queen Blodwen, Anu
Weapon Lia Fal (the Stone of Fal)
Item Shield
Sense Touch
Jewel Quartz
Plant Comfrey, Ivy, Grass
Tree Oak
Goddess Aspects Ceres, Demeter, Gaea, Mah, Nephthys, Persephone, Prithvi, Rhea, Rhiannon
God Aspects Adonis, Athos, Arawn, Cernunnos, Dionysus, Marduk, Pan, Tammuz
Power To Keep Silent (tacere); The Power of Law
Magickal Aspects The Body, Growth, Nature, Sustenance, Material Gain, Money, Creativity, Birth, Death, Mystery, Silence, Structure, Struggle, Pride, Conflict, Prosperity, Success
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