Correspondence Tables

Aromatic Correspondences
Astral Candles
Birthstone Information
Celtic Months and Corresponding Trees
Color Correspondence
Color Correspondences
Colors and Their Magickal Associations
Colors for Days of the Week
Conversion Chart for Pots/Soil
Conversion Factors
Correspondence Table of the Elements
Correspondences of the Center
Correspondences of the East
Correspondences of the North
Correspondences of the South
Correspondences of the West
Day Points
Days and Corresponding Spellwork
Days of the Week and Their Magickal Associations
Elemental Correspondence Tables
Elemental Correspondences and Herbs
Elemental Life Cycle
Elemental Magick
Fairy Names
Fertility Correspondence
Good Luck Correspondence
Goddesses for Every Occasion
Healing Correspondence
Herbs and Colors Used in Healing Rituals
Incense, Resin and Essential Oils
Love Correspondence
Lunar Phase and Candle Colors
Magickal Aromatic Attributes of Oils
Magickal Tarot Correspondences
Mayan Deities
Meaning of the Numbers 1 through 9
Month Correspondences
Moon Phase Correspondences
Mythical Beasts
Mythcial Beasts
Names and Attributes of the Minor Arcana of the Trumps
Names and Attributes of the Tarot Trumps
Numbers Correspondences
Planetary Numbers
Prosperity Correspondence
Protection Correspondence
Ritual Days
Rune Correspondences
Rune Partners
Scents and Oils
Sound Correspondences
Spell-Craft Correspondence
Star Sign Correspondences
Stone Days
Table of Correspondences- Planetary Symbols
Table of Elements
Table of Offerings
Texture Correspondences
The Days
The Elements
The Elements
The Goddess Known by Many Names
The World's Gods and Goddesses
Titles of the Tarot Trumps
Totem Animal Qualities
Wood Uses

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