Contacting Your Inner Guide

It is often said to be advisable to contact your inner guide before progressing any further with Meditative state, this is to ensure your protection in these other states of awareness and being.

When you are trying to contact your Inner Guide for the first time, try not to make it hard or think that you can't do it. A state of ease and relaxation is helpful, though not necessary, for the experience.

Sit in a comfortable straight-back chair, with your spine erect and both feet flat on the floor. Make sure you separate the two sides of your body — do not have your legs or arms crossed!

Now with your thighs parallel to the floor and your hands resting lightly on your thighs, palms up and open. Or, alternatively if you prefer, sit on the floor in a yoga position with your legs crossed, arms resting on your thighs. Putting the thumb and first finger of each hand together, an oriental 'mudra', seems to help achieve and maintain a good meditation level for some. Having the left palm up and the right palm down is helpful to others. Experiment to discover which body and hand positions work best for you.

I personally find that if I do a bit of body work first, stretching running on the spot and loosening my body first, try shaking everything at once, it feels good too, then I get into my position and my body is able to respond to relaxation a lot faster, just a tip!

There seems to be a specific motion sequence or 'movement of the mind' that gets you most easily to your Guide. It is forward, then left, and then right. Try using this to see how you go, if you are not getting any response then just relax let go and try another time, this is so very simple, most people get too uptight or try too hard, open up your heart and trust.

I am now going to present to you a visual sequence used for the initial Guide contact. So if you find this doesn't work for you, accept a structure that your own unconscious presents to you, or invent your own, but utilize the forward, left then right movement. There is no way to do wrong if you follow these instructions.

Close your eyes, and invent a cave around you as if you have just walked into the cave and the entrance is at your back. Allow the cave to structure itself as it will, large or small, well-lighted or dim, smooth-walled or rough. Try to be like a blank film receiving impressions. Accept these impressions uncritically as they come to you from this environment. Try not to edit what comes.

Be as sensory as you can. Is the cave moist or dry? Feel the weight of your body as you stand on the cave floor. What kind of floor are you standing on? Feel it with your feet. Is it flat and smooth or rough and uneven? Feel the texture of the floor under your feet. Is it sandy, rocky or gravelly? Feel the air around you. Are there currents, or is the air still? Smell the air. Notice the color impressions that come to you. Use all your senses. Be sure that you are observing and sensing this environment while being in your body and looking out of your eyes.

Don't be watching an image of yourself! Should you find yourself watching yourself, get back into your body, keeping the point of view of your own eyes. If at any time during the meditation you do find yourself watching your own image, return to the view point of your body until it becomes a habit. Feeling the touch of your feet on the ground in the inner world — and the weight of your body on your feet — will help keep you in your body, as does the active use of any of your senses, such as touching something and feeling what it feels like.

Keeping the point of view on your own eyes and body is one of the most important aspects of this meditation. If you are only watching the meditation process and not actively in it with all your senses, the meditation becomes no different than a fantasy or a day-dream You may well get information, but nothing will change, heal or transform in your life. Being in your body is essential.

When you can feel yourself in the cave, even though things may still be vague at this point, move forward and to the left, away from the entrance further into the cave, and find some kind of doorway or opening there on the left that will lead you to out into a landscape.

Many people find an actual door in the cave wall. Some go through an arch. Some find a small opening low on the ground that they must crawl through, A few emerge directly into a landscape. Others find a tunnel that leads them out into their landscape. Still others walk right through the wall. Again, take whatever comes uncritically, and move through the aperture presented by the unconscious.

Take a step out into the landscape when it appears, feeling the new type of ground under your feet. Is it soft or hard, gassy or rocky? What is around you? What is the scene like? Let all these impressions come to you, and let them solidify. What seems to be in the distance? What is the weather like? Be there as totally as you can.

Then with your mind, call for an animal to come to you. Let it be an animal you don't know (not a familiar house pet or some other known outer world animal, e.g., your friend's horse, the neighbor's cat, an animal you had when you were a child), but not a fantasy animal like a unicorn or griffin.

Ask the animal to lead you off to the right to where your Inner Guide awaits you. Concentrate on following the animal, and try not to anticipate the guide. If the animal appears to meander or stops, give it permission to take you directly to the feet of your guide. If you loose sight of the animal or of the scene, will yourself back to the point where you last saw the animal or scene and allow the action to continue from there.

The animals that appear come in all varieties. Deer are common, as are squirrels. Sometimes a lion, or a dog or a cat will appear. People have even had skunks and anteaters. Again, take what ever animal first appears to you, and trust that it will be able to lead you to your Inner Guide. The animal will lead you to the feet of an unknown male figure — your first Guide.

The initial Inner Guide for both men and women is an unknown male figure. This is probably because the horoscopic area which describes his physical being and personality (the ninth house) is associated with three masculine or yang energies: an odd numbered house, the ninth; the sign Sagittarius, the natural sign of the ninth house; and the planet Jupiter, the ruler of Sagittarius.

Without Exception, female figures who appear and claim to be the true first Guide have always turned out to be one of the Archetypes — which renders them dangerous to the unprotected ego — or a false guide. You will generally feel an outpouring of love, protection, and total acceptance from this figure. Many people weep at this point.

Start receiving impressions about the figure. Begin with the feet. Are his feet bare or in some kind of footwear? Then slowly work up the body. Allow impressions of what the figure is like to come to you uncritically, again as if you wee a blank film. What kind of dress or costume is he wearing? What type of body does he have? Is he fat or thin? Is he short or tall? What kind of hair if any, does he have? If the figure is hooded, ask him to throw back the hood. Is he wearing anything on his head? Is he bearded or clean shaven? What kind of feeling about him do you get? Is he an active or passive man? Gentle and introverted or extroverted and outgoing? Is he dressed in the clothing of any particular country or region of the world? Does he hold anything in his hands?

Let all these impressions come to you as they will. Don't try to see the Guides face clearly right away unless it presents itself easily. One of the hallmarks of the true Inner Guide is that his face isn't usually clear at first, although a false Guide's face almost always is.

The true Guide's face will clear and come into focus later on as you work with him in the meditation process — when you stop trying to 'make him a face.' Be sure to ask the figure if he is your true Guide and if he has the power to protect you on the inner realms. Generally a false guide will answer "no" to this question or will disappear.

Then ask the figure to take both of your hands in his. Feel the hand contact as much as you can. Feel the texture of his skin. Is his hand warm or cool, moist or dry? Is the skin smooth or rough?

Now, with your mind, give him your permission to let you feel his feeling for you. If you don't feel total acceptance and love or caring, you're with a false guide. There is no love from a false guide.

Then ask your Guide to take your right hand in his left, so that you are both facing in the same direction, the Guide at your side. (In left handed people it is usually reversed, the Guide's right hand taking the left hand.) Ask your Guide then to point to where the Sun is in the sky of your inner world. Look to where he points. Is the Sun right overhead or off to one side? Are there clouds, or does it shine in a clear sky?

At the point when you ask the Guide to point to the Sun, a false or ego guide will generally balk, change the subject, try to divert attention in some way, hedge or will simply vanish. Test for his love again if he remains and your doubts are stirred. If you cannot feel it, stay where you are and look to the right of where the false guide is or was.

Another male figure will be there, or at least nearby. Feel where the love energy comes to you from and creates a warmth in your chest, and look in that direction. through the earlier process of allowing the Inner Guide to appear clearly to you, and ignore the false guide if he is still hanging about. If you happen to get a false guide, your Inner Guide is close by, and if you call for him and give him your permission to come to you, you will probably see him quickly. The false guides might be either male or female.

Don't accept any known person from your outer world as your Inner Guide. Your Guide is a being who wasn't alive on the planet when you were born, so if your favorite uncle, or your father, or anyone else that you have known, just keep looking past him to the right. And if a famous deceased guru or teacher or luminary from the past should appear, test him, and see if another figure appears beyond him on the right.

The Inner Guides come in all the many varieties that we humans do, and they are always unknown figures and not celebrated spiritual teachers or avatars of the recent or distant past. The Guides tend to wear the clothing they wore when they last lived on the planet (or so they say about themselves), which is perhaps why they seldom appear in, contemporary dress.

They also say that they are connected to us through love or duty, and that we have shared a life on the planet with them at some time and may well again. And, most important, the Inner Guides are always human and do not have the powers or attributes of the Gods. If a sea serpent, a fairy, an angel or a winged man claims to be your guide, move past it to the right until your true Guide is encountered.

After your Guide takes your hand and points out where the Sun is and you see it, ask the sun to come down, in human or human-like form, to where you and your Guide are. Accept the first form it takes. It may come as male or female. It might be a man with a bird's head or a swirling mass of colors and energy in a humanoid form. It make take the form of a God, or it may be a dwarf. Try not to preconceive what the Sun, as it exists in your inner world, is going to look like. Let it be what it will.

The Sun is the archetype of the Center of the Self — the love giving, life-sustaining, creative energy that animates each of us and gives life and motion to the other archetypal forces we carry within us. Our true Inner Guide generally delights in the initial solar contact. Even if the Sun energy in your particular horoscopic pattern is weak or repressed, the Guide will do all in his power to bring you in contact with this central solar figure so that you can begin the assimilation of this vital energy.

When you and your Inner Guide are together with the Sun figure, direct your attention to the Sun and ask it to send as much light and love into you as you can physically handle at that particular time.

Try to absorb the energy as it comes into you. Try not to resist it. It is at this point most people realize that something real and unusual is happening to them and that they are not 'making it up", because they don't know how to make up such an experience. This experience of light and love from the Sun is often overwhelming, generating tears of joy and is the first inner world experience of a non-ego, archetypal force.

If by chance, you don't experience this energy physically, give the Sun permission to penetrate any blocks that may be up against its energy so you will be enabled to feel the energy flow within you, making sure that you are in your body. Asking the figure to literally touch you with its hands or with a directed ray will generally penetrate the blockage and allow you to feel the energy flow.

The two questions I recommend for use when interacting initially with each of the 22 tarot Archetypes are:

  1. What do you need from me and from my life work with me and be my friend?
  2. What do you have to give me (in the form of a symbolic object placed in your hand) that I need from you?

The answer to the first question may be a request for a quality such as Love or Trust or Honor. Or it may be a request such as "Come and visit me daily," or "Start being kinder to others," or "Eat more brown rice". Take the first answer that comes to mind, even if your ego views it as nonsensical.

This answer may come in code form to get past the ego's defenses against hearing this information from within. The Inner Guide, or the archetype itself, may be asked to interpret further or decode its need or request. If you reject the first image or answer that comes to you, ego chatter will follow and confusion will ensue.

Try to shut off your normal thinking process and become a receiver. Some of the archetypal forms that, in the psyche, are representative of repressed or suppressed energies may initially appear as negative, evil or sickly in the form aspect they present, and may request things which are opposed to your moral or ethical values — such as, "Poison your dog," or "Shoot your neighbor."

Ask you Guide's advise before agreeing to even seemingly innocent requests, especially if your intuition gives you warning or you "get a funny feeling" about the request. Refuse those requests your Guide advises you to refuse, and continue asking the archetype's need until you get an acceptable request, one which you feel you can and will fulfill in your everyday life.

Remember, you're in foreign territory. Trust and use your Inner Guide to act both as interpreter and counselor — truly let him guide you. Expect from him what you would from a wise teacher. If you become confused or don't understand what's going on there in the inner world, ask him to explain.

The true Inner Guides don't volunteer information, so don't hesitate to ask questions in order to get explanations and interpretations. Another thing about the true Guides is that they judge no one, neither you nor anyone else in your world. Nor will they usually make predictions about you or others. They will never invade another's privacy in any way. Should your guide start agreeing with you that someone in your outer world is a "bad guy" or "evil," you're with a false guide.

Another thing to look for is improvement of the outer world conditions as you work with your true guide. These conditions tend to worsen or fall apart when you are working with a false guide. Watch results and don't be afraid to test the guides and the archetypes. This system is not fragile and can withstand much testing.

The second test that I recommend asking each archetypal form during the first encounter with it is: "What do you have to give me that I need from you?" Ask that the archetype respond by placing a symbolic object in your hand. Accept the first object that appears. If its not clear, ask that the object be bought into focus and made more clear. Again, use your senses. Feel the object. Is it round or square, hollow or solid? What material is it made of? Is it large or small, heavy or light?

When you are clear what the object is, ask the archetypal figure to interpret just what talent, ability or power the object represents. If you regard it as a tool, how do you use it? What effects can it produce in the inner world? In the Outer world? How do you utilize it in your everyday life?

These initial gifts from the archetypes represent the talents and abilities you were born with that relate specifically to the energy forms that give them to you. You receive the gift in symbol or code form and then have it decoded. An archetypal gift may have a very common use: "It will make you more aware of your surroundings," or "It will keep your neck from getting stiff," or "It will help you sleep." Or its use may be associated with the twilight zone of extrasensory perception and magick: "It will begin the safe arousal of kundalini." Remember to check with your Inner Guide as to whether or not you should accept what is offered.

If he OK's it, be sure that you have asked enough questions so that you understand just what it is that you have been given. If you don't understand, ask more questions until it is clear to you. Ask both the archetypal giver and your Guide to help you to understand the gift and the ways you may use it in both the inner and the outer worlds.

When you have really understood the talent or ability, ask the archetype that presented the gift to place it in or on your body at a place where you should absorb or carry it. Feel where the energy form of the object settles within you. This absorption into the body is usually accompanied by unusual physical sensations in one or more parts of the body.

Again check out all the steps in the process with your Inner Guide. He's there to help you, but he can't help unless he is asked. (The Guides will not act spontaneously on their own except when physical, spiritual or psychological danger to the ego is encountered.) Nor can he answer unasked questions.

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