Colors and Their Magickal Associations

Colors have many associations. Some of your own associations about a given color will be purely personal. Maybe you dislike green because, as a child, you were forced to wear an itchy, green dress that you hated. Even so, if you listed all the thoughts and images that occur to you when you think about green, you would probably write down “money”.

Here is a list of colors and their magickal associations.

Color Associations
Black Divination, banishing, absorbing negative energy, protection, binding
Blue Truth, tranquility, protection, hope, honor, change, psychic ability
Brown Stability, integrity, justice, sensuality, endurance, animals, concentration, grounding
Gold The God, vitality, strength, success, action, courage, confidence
Gray Vision, neutrality, absorbs negativity
Green Abundance, growth, healing, prosperity, fertility, employment, luck, jealousy
Indigo Insight, vision, change, flexibility, psychic abilities
Magenta Intuition, change, spiritual healing, vitality
Orange Courage, pride, ambition, enthusiasm, energy, friendship, communication, success, opportunities
Pink Compassion, tenderness, harmony, affection, love, romance, spiritual healing
Purple Growth, self-esteem, psychic ability, insight, inspiration, spirituality, success in business
Red Sexual love, lust, passion, fire, willpower, courage, energy, strength, anger
Silver The Goddess, spiritual truth, intuition, receptivity, psychic ability, balance
Turquoise Creativity, discipline, self-knowledge, honor, idealism
Violet Success, intuition, self-improvement, spiritual awareness
White Cleansing, peace, protection, healing, truth, divination, tranquility (white can be used in place of any color)
Yellow Joy, vitality, intelligence, study, persuasion, charm, creativity, communication
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