Color Correspondence
Color Used For
White Protection, repel negativity, purity of thought, peace, consecration, meditation
Black Protection, absorb energy, psychic ability, repel negativity, power
Gray Glamours, invisibility, creating confusion
Red Love, passion, healing, protection, power, Fire
Orange Inspiration, energy, cheer, friendship, Solar energy
Pink Love, gentleness, fun
Yellow Intellect, communication, Air
Green Prosperity, growth, healing, Earth
Blue Spirituality, soothing emotions, Water, Fire
Brown Grounding, healing, animals, Earth
Indigo Psychic ability, spirit work, invisibility, increasing spirituality
Violet Magick, psychic abilities, sooth anxiety
Gold Healing, Solar energy, energy booster, blessings
Silver Psychic abilities, Lunar energy, repel negative energy, glamours, invisibility
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