Cloud Black and viscous the cloud that hangs and boils o'er head,
Rolling billows that seethe and writhe, the tendrils that extend
As serpents coiling, churning, choking the air it feeds upon,
And like liquid night it settles, and spreads to bar the light behind.
Flash of twisted, knotted rope that burns hotter than the flame
The brilliant cord that darts, what touched is turned to blackened dust.
Voice of gods that holler, or angry hooves charge across the plains,
Roaring bellow that shakes your bones and lifts you from your feet.
In that cloud, so dense and dark, what forces lie within?
That stirring that would break the ground which we stand upon.
Scene of azure blue, scarred with your brooding violence
I laugh within and watch with narrow eyes as tiny people run.
Black and gray and bruised your form, I summon you to me!
Let your winds unfettered rise, embrace me in their fury!
Cracking whip that lashes, ah could only one I touch
And feel the sheerest power I feel within the Earth.
Slowly then I spend myself, the cloud turns to sullen gray
And with begrudging silence, slowly walks away
My cruel lit eyes now closing, dimmed with needs to sleep
Where dreams of blue and white daubed skies shines on hopes I keep.

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