Cat Superstitions

There are more superstitions associated with cats then with any other animal. Some are concerned with a cat's reactions to alterations in the weather. There may be an element of truth in these. Most are completely nonsensical and contradict one another. Many cat superstitions developed because of the supposed link between witches and cats. However, there is intense and widespread feeling that cats have some kind of supernatural influence.


  • Cats bring good luck.
  • Cats bring bad luck.
  • If a cat crosses the street it is a sign of bad luck.
  • If a black cat crosses your path you will have good luck.
  • It is lucky to won a black cat, but unlucky to meet one.
  • It is good luck to sleep with a cat.
  • If a sailor's wife keeps a cat it will ensure her husband's safe return.
  • For a cricketer it is lucky to see a black cat when going out to bat.
  • A blue cat brings luck to its owner.
  • If your cat cries when you leave for a journey, some disaster will befall you.


  • It is bad for one's health to fondle a cat.
  • If you kick a cat you will get rheumatism.
  • A wart can be cured by smearing three drops of cat's blood over it.
  • A sty on the eye can be cured by stroking it with a black cat's tail.
  • A dried cat's skin held to the face will cure toothache.


  • Cats can foretell the weather.
  • When a cat washes its face it is a sign of good weather.
  • When a cat washes its face it is a sign of rain.
  • Bathing a cat will bring rain.
  • When a cat licks its tail a storm is brewing.
  • If a cat sits with its back to the fire there will be a frost.
  • If a cat claws the carpet there will be high winds.
  • A kitten born in May will grow up sad.


  • When a cat washes its face, company is coming.
  • If a cat washes its face in a doorway, a clergyman will visit.


  • A kitten born in May will never be a mouser.
  • If you pay money for a cat, it will never catch mice for you.


  • The cat has psychic powers.
  • Cats can see ghosts.
  • A car purrs when encountering a ghost.
  • Witches can change themselves into cats.
  • A cat has nine lives.
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