Cat Superstitions

Dressing wounds with a mixture of cat boiled in Olive oil cured ailing patients in the middle ages and cat gravy was good for consumption allegedly.

If a cat jumps over your coffin, your soul can't rest until it's killed.

Sickness can be cured by washing a patient then throwing the water over a cat, which will take the illness with it.

If a cat sneezes once it means rain, three times and it's colds for everyone, if you kick a cat you'll get rheumatism!

A cat washing itself in a doorway means you'll be getting a visit from a clergyman very soon.

A black cat crossing your path means good luck and entitles you to a wish except in Belgium, Spain and the USA where it's the equivalent of breaking a mirror while walking under a ladder.

Rub warts with a cat's tail to cure them but it has to be in May!

Stuffing a cat's tail up your nose will stop a nosebleed.

Trap a cat under a pot to raise up a strong wind.

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