Candle Ideas

For those playing around with making candles (whether from scratch, crayons or from leftover candles), and also for those who want to celebrate Imbolc with lots of them, I offer the following:
A) For gift giving, I have added silver charms, herbs, scented oils to the mix. The silver charms are great, as the candle burns away, charms come out and if you don't tell the receiver of the gift, it's a great surprise.

B) To make the layers, be very careful about not letting the under layer not cool enough (or it will seep) or be too cool. It takes some practice but to be honest, even the mistakes are pretty.

C) For swirls, well, these are easiest. Just swirl the colors with something that you don't mind getting all yucky.

D) I have used several different things for molds. Everything from glass bottles to even durable plastic chocolate molds. Be careful about using the chocolate molds. I buy mine from a professional chocolate maker so they are really strong and can withstand high temps. I have also purchased funny looking vases and glass containers at thrift shops and garage sales. Sometimes I have to break the containers to get the candle out, but they usually only cost me a dime or so.

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