Breath of Fire

Air is the sustenance that gives fire its life. Begin your breathing sequence by focusing on the cycle of energy released and replenished. As you breathe with the intention of creating a relaxed state of being and an energized state of mind, you are in fact performing an act of transformation. Breath becomes life and life becomes breath.

Inhale through your nose to your fullest lung capacity. Hold the breath for a count of three and then exhale in short managed bursts, using the syllable “kh” with each exhalation. When you get to the end of exhaling your lung capacity, release any remaining air in your lungs by blowing out through your mouth.

Repeat this three times and then pause for a moment to observe how your perception has changed. If you are experiencing a feeling of lightheadedness, go back to focusing on the slow deep breathing exercise described before, then proceed slowly with the breath of fire technique.

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