Botanic Medicine

After extensive tests your physician has determined that your immune system is weakened, leading directly to your allergy symptoms and suggestibility to colds and flu. However the treatment is straightforward and the physician expects you to be fully recovered in about nine months. After a little social chit chat you receive your prescription and directions to the nearest bio-pharmacy. What a drag, it's a two hour drive to get there! Still these are difficult times, we must all make sacrifices. You telephone and arrange a time to visit. Excellent! They can fit you in tomorrow.

The air is crisp and clear as you pull into the pharmacy parking area. Leaving your auto for its next occupant you spend a few minutes taking in the view and breathing in the pure fresh air, filled with the delicate perfume of the bio-pharmacy garden. Your grandparents still have difficulties understanding the new pharmacies. They dispense no chemicals or synthetic drugs, their entire pharmacopeia being composed of living plant formula. It seems so obvious now how unnecessary so many of the chemical drugs were and with our new understanding of disease, and the awareness of the importance of diet and food vitality, medicine has come the full circle.

The transition was not without casualties. The large drug companies survived of course, after buying up most of the organic herb farms, in the eighties and nineties, but many of the traditional Medical Guilds fell apart, unable, with their mostly reductionist outlook, to accept the new healing systems.

It was during these times, during the AIDS and environment crisis, that the value of organic Botanic Medicine became apparent. So many diseases of those times had their origins in devitalized foods, laden with inorganic poisons. With the discovery that wild food plants and herbs contained the vital organic elements that enabled the body to repair itself, the bio-pharmacy was born.

The root of the bio-pharmacy was bio-dynamic farming. Here wild herbs and other plants were permitted to grow without the effects of a polluted environment, or synthetic fertilizers and pesticides. They were harvested at the correct astrological times, and used and prepared in ways that ensured survival of their living force. Plants utilized for specific treatments were bathed in Kirlian energy specific to that function, thereby enhancing their healing effects in those directions. Rare minerals were added to the soil for utilization by the plants and ultimately of course, by the people who ate them.

The best example of this was the use of the wild garlic, long known as a source of organic selenium, vital for effective immune function. After nearly 100 years of dietary insufficiency in organic selenium, (due mostly to the leaching effects of chemical fertilizers), the re-introduction of this element into our food supply, led to the specific improvements in immune function that enabled us to eradicate the specter of AIDS and establish the validity of the bio-dynamic pharmacy.

The arrival of the pharmacist brings you back to the present and you wonder why you need to make this visit. It is not necessary of course, for the old, infirm or otherwise immobile, but before dispensing your remedy the pharmacist must feel your vibrations and energies. It is important to ensure that your phyto-supplements are correctly attuned to your own bio-field and this is always best done in person. Even though your astro-data and psychic profile have already been utilized in the remedy formulation, this final, personal fine tuning, is always performed. The 20th century and its impersonal and spiritually sterile methods are a part of recent history and for this you breathe a deep sigh of relief. The pharmacist makes you comfortable as you prepare for psychic connection and in a matter of moments you fall comfortably into a deep and receptive sleep.

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