Bind Runes
Unique to the runic system is the use of bind runes, where two or more runes are drawn together to enhance their power. Then, in ritual, this combined force is directed within the magickal working.

The Aegishjalm (meaning the Helm of Awe), is a bind rune used for protection, purification, and runic power.

Here are examples of other bind runes that you can use in your magickal works.

  • To assist those who are unhappy, depressed, or in sorrow, use Fehu, Ing, and Lagus
  • For healing, combine Ur, Jera, and Sol
  • For binding foes, use Thorn, Isa, and Nyd
  • To release yourself from a constraining situation, use Asa, Fehu, and Ing
  • To return negativity to its sender, use Hagel, Jera, and Rad
  • To slow a situation down, use Isa, Lagus, and Nyd
  • To bring about a reconciliation, use Gyfu, Man, and Wyn
  • To control adverse weather, use Gyfu, Asa, and Rad
  • To stop astral attack, combine Dag, Eh, and Lagus
  • For general protection, combine Sol, Algiz, and Asa
  • For communicating with the dead, combine Hagel, Nyd, and Tyr
  • For mystical knowledge, combine Eh, Man, and Asa
  • To set things in motion, use Sol, Rad, and Cen
  • For attracting a boyfriend or girlfriend, use Cen, Jera, and Ing
  • To work with the elements, use Eh, Lagus, and Rad
  • To win an argument, combine Asa, Tyr, Wyn, and Rad
  • For victory, use Tyr, Wyn, and Odal
  • To protect your privacy, use Asa, Lagus, and Ur
  • For monetary growth and success, use Feoh, Birca, and Sol
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