Bedlam Bells

(Tune guitar: DADGBD)

Out upon the Borderlands
I've watched the stars a-falling
I've drunk deep from Mad River and
I've heard my soul a-calling

Still I sing bonny bells, bonny mad bells,
Bedlam Bells are bonny!
For we all go bare and we live by the air
And we want your drink and money!

I now repent that ever
Myself was so disdain-ed
My wits are lost since me I cros't
Which makes me go thus chain-ed

To find our wits in Bordertown,
Ten thousand years we'll travel
And maudlin go on dancing toes,
To save our shoes from gravel

I crossed into fair Elfland
To find the soul I'd squandered
To hunt my sighs in children's eyes
But still my soul had wandered

I had an Elfin lady,
And took her for to wife me
She sleeps the day, she sings the night
And hearkens to delight me!

Both in and out of Bordertown
I've drank Mad River's water
And stood upon the Bridge O'Dread
And watched the sudden slaughter!

My staff hath murder'd giants
My bells can call the thunder!
I stamp my feet and tread the dance
And split the sky in sunder!

My horn is made of Elven-blades,
I stole it cross the Border!
The rainbow there is this I wear
For my wits are out of order!

I went to Digger's Kitchen
To beg some food one morning
I got my dreams served piping hot
And saw a city burning

I'll wander thru the Borderlands
With feathers in my hair-o
With my true love close to my side
And back and sides go bare-o!

I'll dance the day, I'll dance the night
And spend my time a-singing
Dance out the old, ring in the new
With Bedlam Bells a-ringing!

Take a drink for Tom of Bedlam
Take a drink from the river's water!
And speak in sighs from darkened eyes
And court the River's daughter!

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