Be Witched: To be or Not to be

So you're ready to become a Witch. So now what? Well, my little Bewitched friends, here's what you gotta do.

Have a Heart

To be a real Witch and true to your Craft, you must above all have empathy and compassion for everyone. In Wicca especially, unconditional love is the most sacred law of the cauldron. It is the giving of your heart, the very core of thyself to the Deities of your choice that makes you a true Witch. Your heart is the real cord to your relationship with your chosen Deities as well as the key to all of your magickal workings. Even the simplest and easiest of spells or rituals you can find will never work if your heart and purpose/intentions are evil and full of vengeance. Be light in your heart, and a true witch you shall be.

Be Committed/Serious About What You're Doing

Be committed. Magick is real, it is very powerful and in the wrong eye of the beholder could be very dangerous and even fatal. Do not look to Hollywood movies for your inspiration. Becoming a Witch is a very serious decision. It will in time, ultimately represent who you are. Magick is the power within you. It has potential to do many things both good and bad. Magick is not something you can pick up one night and make your life easier. It takes a long time to learn and master, for Magick is a piece of every part of you. Magick is about discovering yourself and all of your potential through the power of thought. I am Witch, it's the identity of my choice. But with this choice, I am also very vulnerable to criticisms by those of other religions and subjected to possible cruelty due to the past misconceptions of my faith throughout history. If you really want to be a Witch, be absolutely sure about it. Don't become a Witch over Hollywood movies or for anyone else, including your friends. Think about yourself, what your morals in life are and what your intended goals are before you decide to be a Witch.

Pick a Tradition

Along with the big decision to become a Witch, comes the hard choice of choosing a tradition to follow. With the new Millennium here and more people seeking Wicca, the traditions are growing and changing more everyday. I seriously urge anyone seeking Wicca, to research all traditions before you start any works of magick. Each tradition is different and may have specific guidelines concerning the proper ritual/spell properties. So go to your local library or check the web for further research. And please do not let anyone convince you to join any tradition or coven that you do not feel comfortable about. Be careful, manipulation comes in all forms.

Learn and Study

Knowledge really is power. A Witch is always willing to learn. Before you can even think about doing a spell, you must study. Spells often require the use of sacred symbols, and herbs, and there's no point in being a Witch if you're not willing to be patient. Just like students, Witches are always researching. The more you know, the more confident and magickal you feel. Don't be scared to ask questions and find out what you want to know. Magick is sacred, and has a life of its own apart from you. And if you don't want to learn you won't be able to truly experience magick in all its ecstasy. There is no shortcut to becoming a true Witch, it takes respect for yourself, humanity for others, devotion unlike no other, and lots of time and learning. But the faith and patience in hand, the knowledge you seek will whisper at your ear.

Practice Your Spells and Rituals

Practice at least one spell, prayer or ritual everyday. This helps speed up your magick and builds your confidence. Besides a kind heart, a true Witch must believe that she/he is magick. Yes, being patient is very hard and often aggravating for those just beginning, but if you practice your magick everyday, you will soon feel the magick growing around you. You will be more confident in yourself and in the spells and rituals that you create. Do not be heavy hearted if your spells and rituals do not work out as you had planned, instead try a different spell/ritual and when you feel strong enough try your original spell/ritual again. Be thy own magick.

Pray for Guidance

Pray everyday to the Deities of your choice. Don't worry if your spells don't come out the way you wanted them to. Magick is only as pure as its Master/Mistress. Listen, not only with your ears, but with your heart. The Ancient Ones are always with us, freely lending us their wisdom in mysterious ways. So keep trying your best and pray. After all, the Guidance of the Ancient Ones is truly the Secret of the Ages.

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