Basic Ritual
  1. Do the Altar Devotion. Consists of cleansing and consecrating any items on the altar in the name of the Lord and Lady. The energies are then symbolically mixed together and blessed to create a focused point of power. This is a mental as well as physical action.
  2. Creating Sacred Space. Carrying around the four elements (Earth, Air, Fire, and Water) in a clockwise, circular pattern individually around the room (or outside area where a ritual will be performed) to purify the space where you will be working. Blessings are usually silently requested. This is a mental as well as physical action.
  3. Casting the Circle. Physically walking in a clockwise (deosil) circular pattern to create an invisible circle of energy that encompasses the individual (or group) in an energy bubble. A blessing (either verbal or mental) is usually requested in the form of a circle casting rhyme or statement. This is a mental as well as a physical action. Note: Witches may use several variations of movements to cast a circle.
  4. Calling the Quarters. Standing at North, East, South, and West (respectively) and inviting the energies of that element into the circle. Blessings and assistance are usually requested verbally. Note: Element correspondences and what is called differ from Witch to Witch or group to group. This is a mental as well as a physical action.
  5. Invoking the God and Goddess (or both). Standing in the center of the circle and requesting that the Lord or Lady (or both) enter your circle. Blessings and assistance are verbally requested. This is a mental as well as a physical action.
  6. Performance of the Magick Work. All preliminary actions involved in spellcasting, as well as performing the spell, are done here. In a holiday ritual the reenactment of a myth or a legend falls here. If a reenactment and a magickal working are planned, the reenactment is performed first, followed by the magickal working.
  7. Raising Energy. Mental focus on the desire through singing, drumming, clapping, humming, breathing, ect. The technique will vary from individual to individual or group to group. Note: Sometimes groups will also raise energy before the invocation to promote harmony within the group.
  8. Thanking the Lord and Lady. A verbal thank you and request for a blessing. Most Wiccans do not ask the God or Goddess energy to leave unless the ritual calls for the departure of these spiritual energies.
  9. Closing the Quarters. Releasing (or sending away) the quarter energies requested in #4 above. This is a mental and physical action that is said verbally.
  10. Releasing the Circle. Moving in a counterclockwise (widdershins) circular direction around the room or area to remove the circle put in place in #3 above. This is a mental and physical action stated verbally or silently. The energy collected from the circle is then put into the altar, one's tools, or the spellcasting vehicle (such as a candle). Note: Sacred space is not usually released.
  11. Grounding and Centering. A mental exercise (that can contain physical movement) to remove excess energy within the body and mind that has been raised during the ritual. Note: Sometimes a Witch will ground and center at other points in the ritual as he or she feels the need.
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