Basic Ritual

1. Purification of Self: This can be done one of two ways:
Ritual Bath: This is done by drawing a bath (no bubble bath or bath oil please unless it is an essential oil). Lay back in the bath and imagine that the bath water is glowing with a bright cleansing white light, this cleansing light is soaking into you and cleaning you inside and out. Get out of the bath and dry yourself, now either dress in a special outfit that you have just for ritual work or work skyclad (nude).

Smudging: The herbs most commonly used in cleansing are sage and sometimes sandalwood. Hold the incense in your hand (either pure herb on a charcoal disc or in stick form, a smudge stick can also be used. This is a small bundle of dried sage bound together for the purpose of cleansing). Light the incense and let the smoke begin to drift around you. Fan the smoke gently with a large feather. Using the feather, waft the smoke all around your body, including place you might not think of like the soles of your feet, your arm pits and the back of your body. Pass the feather itself through the smoke when you are done to cleanse it.

This doesn’t really count as purification of self but I shall add it here anyway, your tools are an extension of you and must also be cleansed before you do any work, as they can soak up all sorts of negative energy during the periods between uses.

In a clear space such as a big table or the floor, find the four compass points and moving deosil (clockwise) place some incense in the east corner, a candle in the south, a small bowl of water in the west and a small bowl of salt or mud from the garden in the north corner.

Light the incense and turn to the east and say: "I cleanse, bless and consecrate this (item) with the powers of Air" then pass the item through the smoke, while imagining a clear breeze passing through the item.

Turn to the South and say: "I cleanse, bless and consecrate this (item) with the powers of Fire" then pass the item over the candle flame whilst imagining it being filled with light and warmth.

Turn to the West and say: "I cleanse, bless and consecrate this (item) with the powers of Water" then dip the item in the water while visualizing a crystal clear stream or waterfall running through it.

Lastly turn to the North and say: "I cleanse, bless and consecrate this (item) with the powers of Earth" then sprinkle with the mud or salt and imagine stability and balance filling it.

After hold it and say: "May this (item) now be cleansed and blessed for the highest good of all."

2. Purification of Space: This one is very simple and fun; you simply either smudge the area or get your broom stick and sweep the area going deosil, imagining all the negative energy is being swept away and out of the house.

3. Creation of Sacred Space: This can be done in a number of ways, the most simple being the cord circle.

For this you will need about 2.7 meters (nine feet) of thin white cord about five millimeters (¼ inch) thick.

Place the cord in a circle on the ground leaving an opening in the east corner. Step through the opening with all the items you will be using in your ritual.

Close the circle behind you and seal it with a small sprinkling of salt water.

Going deosil around the circle sprinkling salt water on the cord as you go, visualize yourself surrounded in a lovely, safe golden light. Holding your athame/wand in your projective hand (the one your write with) again going deosil say a circle casting chant:
‘I create this circle in the name of the Earth Mother and the Sky Father,
To be used as a place of power, may it be protected and empowered.
May all magick I work be for the greater good and harm none
This circle is closed, Blessed Be.’

4. Invocation: This is done by calling the Quarters and Invoking the God and Goddess.

5. Ritual Observance: This basically means stating the reason you are working, if it is for a Sabbat then you will observe the season, the parts the God and Goddess play in the Sabbat etc. If you are working a spell then perform your spell now.

6. Energy Raising: Energy raising can be done in a number of ways, the most common being meditation, dance, drumming or chanting.

Energetic breathing is a lovely, clam way of raising energy during a ritual of spell working. Below is a simple version for you to try.

  • Make sure your feet are firmly set upon the ground, shoulder width apart, and feel their contact with the ground. With your hands resting on your stomach, take a few deep breaths, deep in your stomach, to ground yourself.
  • Place both your hands just below the sternum. Begin to breath, not to deeply, but slowly and with concentration.
  • On each inward breath, breath through your nose, and draw golden light into yourself. Hold the breath for a short time and feel your heart opening. On each outward breath, breathe through your mouth, as you let the light circulate round your body.
  • Breath this way until you feel energized and wide awake. Then rest your hands on your heart chakra for a few moments breathing normally.

7. Earthing the Power: Earthing the power means to give the power back to earth, to drain it from you and into the universe to power your spell. This is done very simply by either placing your hands on the ground and imagining the power draining away, imagining that your feet have grown roots and they are sinking into the ground to connect you to the earth or by eating a small snack like a biscuit. It is very important that you ground as you do not want stray power hanging around.

8. Thanking the God, Goddess and the Elements: This is done by saying the words of a banishing chant.

9. Breaking the Circle: To break the circle hold your athame (again in projective hand) and starting in the north and going widdershins this time, imagine all that golden light streaming back into you and your athame, go round the circle slowly soaking it up. Say:
“This circle is open, but never broken, Blessed Be”

Then open the cord and step out.

Remember to pack all your tools away carefully where they will not be disturbed or touched.

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