Basic Meditation Guidelines

When we meditate, we make a conscious decision to sit quietly and relax body and mind. You can meditate for five minutes a day, or half an hour or more. How long you meditate is up to you and should fit your current lifestyle. Meditation is often linked to deep breathing exercises, which help to relieve daily stress. If you learn to meditate on a consistent basis, you can expect your grades, sports activities, and daily life to improve, but like all things hard-won, it takes time for you to visibly see the positive results of meditation. Your motto when learning to meditate should be “Don’t give up”.

Here are a few tips to help you during meditation:

  • Always try to meditate in a quiet, peaceful place. You can’t focus your mind inward if there is commotion around you. Try to choose a time and place where you will not be interrupted, as breaks in meditation can cause emotional stress because you become irritated at the intrusion.
  • Soft, peaceful music and low lighting can help.
  • Practice deep breathing exercises with your meditation. Breathe in to the count of ten, and breathe out to the count of ten at least three or more times before beginning a meditation sequence.
  • Slowly count down from fifteen to one in your mind after the breathing exercises. This helps to keep the conscious mind busy and signals your body, mind, and spirit that you are preparing to meditate.
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