Banishments and Balefires

Upon the heights of the old, green hill
I met with a sight that intended to thrill
And then jumped in the man at the till:
"A penny per child's not enough!"

A lady I met spoke some wisdom to me
And I dallied a while in her glad company
And still there's a barker demanding his fee:
Didn't Congress just outlaw this stuff?

And then rose the banners, the placards by scores
To challenge the "masses", the dweebs and the bores
But they laughed it all off as more fuel for their wars:
And the marchers all left in a huff.

"Let those who would banish" is a mighty fine cry
But where are the stalwarts that do other than sigh
And who will shout down from the hillocks on high:
And let none of this be a rebuff!

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