Astral Candles
Astral candles are associated with your astrological sign. You should have your astral candle burning each ritual you do. Different people have different color associations for the various astral candles. You may even want to create your own astral candle colors. Whichever you do, remain consistent.
Astral Sign Element Colors
Aries Fire Sign White, Pink, Red, Orange
Taurus Earth Sign Brown, Green, Gold, Yellow, Blue
Gemini Air Sign Blue, Yellow, White, Gray, Black
Cancer Water Sign Brown, Green, Orange, Yellow, Blue
Leo Fire Sign Orange, Yellow, Pink, Red, Green
Virgo Earth Sign Brown, Black, Yellow, Blue, Gray
Scorpio Water Sign Black, Purple, Blue, Red, Yellow, Brown
Sagittarius Fire Sign Red, Yellow, Blue, Orange, White
Aquarius Air Sign Blue, Pink, Purple, Green, Yellow, Silver
Pisces Water Sign Blue, Green, Gray, Purple, White
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