Anointing Points

When you make a magickal oil, there are several points on your body you should anoint to get the most energy out of the ingredients. These are your pulse points — the places where your heartbeat is most noticeable — and the chakras, as well as a few others for good measure.

Start at the topmost point and work down for banishing oils, and reverse the order to charge yourself:

  • Between your eyebrows
  • At each temple
  • Behind each ear
  • At the base of your throat
  • On the back of your neck
  • Inside each wrist
  • Inside each elbow
  • On your breastbone
  • At the base of your spine
  • Below your belly button
  • On both sides of your groin (where your thigh meets your hip)
  • Behind each knee
  • Behind each ankle
  • On the soles of your feet
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