Angels have been known around the world and in many cultures outside of or prior to Christian influence, or before Christianity ever was formed. They have been called by many names, but their descriptions are remarkably similar. They are always described as messengers from the spirit world, helpers, and guardians of those who recognize and call upon them.

Camael: Visions, discretion, courage, exorcism, purification, and protection.
Gabriel: Resurrection, mercy, truth, hope, visions, divination, and herbal medicine.
Haniel: Love, beauty, and creativity, protection against evil.
Metatron: Spiritual enlightenment and mystical knowledge.
Michael: Truth, knowledge, divination, protection, repentance, deliverance from enemies, victory in battle, and protection from police harassment. Patron of police officers, paratroopers, and mariners.
Personal Guardian Angel: Protection, guidance in all things, and help with spiritual wisdom.
Raphael: Healing, harmony, success, honor, contacting your guardian angel, safe journeys, reuniting with loved ones, and curing all disease.
Ratziel: Illumination, guidance, and destiny.
Sandalphon: Seeing the guardian angel, stability, guidance, and protection.
Tzadquiel: Spiritual love and good fortune.
Tzaphkiel: Spiritual development, overcoming grief, and balancing or changing karma.
Uriel: Teaching, insight, stability, and endurance.

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