Alstonia: A Male Aphrodisiac

Herb: Alstonia
Botanical Name: Alstonia Scholaris
Synonyms: Dita, Bitter bark, devil's tree, Pale mara, chhatim (India)
Locales Found: Eastern Asia, India, Philippines, Ceylon, Borneo. (Tropical rain-forest)

Alstonia causes minor irritation of the genitals, in the male it prolongs erection and delays orgasm, acting as a general tonic and mild stimulant for the nerves and circulation. Except for use as an Aphrodisiac, it seems to have no medicinal values.

Cautions: Chlorogenic Acid, the primary active ingredient, is a universal allergen and acts as a bladder irritant.

Alstonia is usually prepared by crushing two grams of the seeds and soaking them in two ounces of water overnight. The following day the Liquid is strained and drunk to produce the desired effect within a short period of time. The body does build up a tolerance to this herb over time, causing a need to increase the dosage over a period of time. Caution is advised against over usage of this herb in any short period of time.

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