Alpha Meditation

Alpha is the natural state that we are able to access to see beyond our five senses. When our brain is in alpha we are in a deep meditative, light trance or dream state. Learning alpha is not hard we pass through the alpha state each time we go to sleep or wake up. A little background to understand where alpha falls into our patterns of brain activity. When we are fully awake, active and alert, we are in Beta state our brain waves register at fourteen to thirty cycles per second. Alpha is the visualization state when brain waves are at seven to fourteen cycles per second. Theta is a deeper state associated with drowsiness and deep tranquility, where we can even control things like pain and bleeding. Brain waves in theta are at four to seven cycles per second. Delta is deep unconsciousness or coma state, with brain waves at one to three cycles per second.

Learning to drop into alpha is a valuable skill for everyone. In alpha the mind is open to other forms of communication. Our filters that rationalize and process reality are weakened or removed leaving the mind open and receptive. There are many ways to count down into alpha, and we all find one that works for us individually. Not only is Alpha a wonderful tool for adults, but it is also great for children to help them calm down at the end of the day, to help get through frustrations and in general to learn something together. My children and I have used alpha meditations in the dentist office to rid anxiety and discomfort. I also used alpha quite successfully this past year with my oldest daughter throughout a prolonged illness and prior to surgeries, both for relaxation and to help her visualize perfect health. There are many ways to count down into alpha the following is one of my favorites that I use with my kids.

Relax and close your eyes, breathe deeply and concentrate on the sound of your breath. In and out, in and out.

Clear your mind and picture only a door the door is red, and on that door is a red number seven. As you open the door you go into a red room the walls are red, the ceiling is red hanging on the walls is a red seven.

Walk through the room to the next door that door is orange. On the door is an orange number six. As you open the door you walk into the orange room the walls and ceiling are orange and you see the orange six.

Walk through the room to the next door that door is yellow. On the door is a yellow number five. Open the door and walk into the yellow room yellow walls, yellow ceiling and the yellow fives.

Continue through the room to the next door it is green. On the door is a green four. Open the door and walk into the green room green walls, green ceiling and green fours.

Walk to the next door its color is blue. On the door is a blue number three. Open the door and walk into the blue room blue walls, blue ceiling and blue threes.

Keep going and go to the next door it is indigo. On the door is an indigo number two. Open the door and walk into the indigo room the walls and ceiling are indigo the number is two.

Walk to the next door it is violet. On the door is a violet number one open the door and walk into the violet room. The walls are violet the ceiling is violet and the number is one.

And we count down further into alpha ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two one.

This is the point that you arrive in alpha to gain knowledge and insight. At this point many will do meditation, healings, journeying, work with spiritual guides, affirmations etc. When alpha work is finished always remember to give yourself clearance and affirmation for perfect health. Do this by telling yourself that you see yourself in perfect health and clear any unwanted energy away from you by smoothing and clearing your aura with your hand starting behind at the back of your neck over your head and down your body then simply count back up from one to ten. Other methods of counting down into alpha include the use of a rainbow, colored crystals and more again do what works for you.

Many find that it helps while going into alpha to make some gesture which their brain then associates with this state. It can be as simple as crossing your fingers, or touching your third eye. After a time, this state becomes so second nature that just making the gesture will drop you into alpha. The best way to perfect achieving an alpha state is practice.

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