Air Wand

There is some controversy in both Ceremonial Magick and Wicca as to whether the Wand relates to the direction of the East or the South and whether it relates to fire or air as an element. I am going to share here what I use and what works for me. Others who work differently are more than welcome to share their usage.

The way I use the wand in my Magickal working is as the tool for the east the element of air. I can't personally see the fire attribute, as I have problems with the idea of a tool relating to an element that can destroy it. Since some wands are made of wood and almost all of them were until the popularization of Crystal work with the adoption by some NeoPagans of Native American practices made the metal wand with a Crystal in it the latest thing. If I were to work with people who used the wand as fire, I would certainly used a metallic and stone wand of this type and not a wooden one. Again, this is personal taste.

The air element relates to communication, intellectual ideas, Linear Logic, Clear and intelligent thinking, and telepathy. It relates to the concept of unity too, in that all of us — and all species of life — breathe the same atmosphere. (Note: I realize the plants use the Carbon Dioxide while we use the air, which is why I said atmosphere)

The wand relates to the suit of rods in Tarot and vice versa.

The Wand is a male tool, like the Athame. The female tools are the Chalice and the Pentacle.

The wand is used to summon the Rulers of the four directions and to invoke the Deities in casting a circle. In certain types of Magick it is sometimes also used to cast the circle, but it is more common to use the athame for this (or the sword if it is a coven and they have one).

The Wand can also be used when invoking the spirits.

It is particularly helpful at times when wisdom is needed and in invoking the spirits before trance working where specific information or guidance is desired. It is also good for doing this for very important divinations when they are done in a fully cast circle.

The wand is used in some traditions in a Spring Equinox celebration to create a hole in the soil in which seeds, symbolizing people's hopes, are planted — obvious fertility symbolism.

The wand can hold a lot of power and be a very special and personal instrument.

There are some Witches/Pagans I know who use only the wand and the chalice as their tools. Their thoughts on this being that the Pentacle is drawn from ceremonial Magick — which is correct — so they want to eliminate it as they feel it is necessary for them to get back to the roots of Wicca/Paganism. These people also eliminated the knife/sword because they pointed out that in ancient times Wicca was the religion of the Masses and the Peasants — who were not allowed to carry weapons. These people use the wand to cast all their circles, replacing it for all the purposes for which the athame is used.

Their are other groups, most noticeably the Community of Isis and it's inner circle the Temple of Isis in Salem MA., that use the wand for casting the circle although they retain the athame — which they seem to use only for blessing the chalice in the symbolic re-enactment of the fertility theme central to Wicca. (Please note I said symbolic!)

These are the major uses of the wand.

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