Addresses of Pagan Resources

Arn Draiocht Fein: A Druid Fellowship
Bimonthly newsletter; membership is $25 a year.
For subscription info, send SASE to ADF, P.O. Box 516, East Syracuse NY 13057-0516

Beltane Fire (quarterly)
Small-format magazine with articles, reviews, opinions, and interviews.
From the U.S. you may order a sample copy for $4 in cash from Kevin and Ingrid Carolyn, 16 Cross Street, St. Leonard's-on-Sea, East Sussex, England [no postal codes given]

Beltane Papers, A Journal of Women's Mysteries
Twice a year; women's wisdom, scholarly articles, myth, ritual, dreams, poetry, women's history, music letters, reviews, calendars, herbs. $13 for two issues (one year). Sample $7.
Write to: The Beltane Papers, 1333 Lincoln Street #240, Bellingham WA 98226.

Circle Network News (quarterly)
Newspaper/journal of contemporary Paganism. Wiccan spirituality, Goddess studies, Shamanism, magic and nature spirituality, articles, art, international news, rituals; family forum, eco-magick, reviews, contacts, advertising.
Free sample copy upon request. Yearly sub: $13 US bulk, $17 1st class/air mail (US, Can, Mex). $24 elsewhere.
Write to Circle, P.O. Box 219, Mt. Horeb WI, 53572.

C.O.G. Newsletter (eight times a year)
Official newsletter of the Covenant of the Goddess
Available to non-members for a donation of $20 or more, or $3 for a sample issue.
COG, c/o Grey Cat, P.O. Box 181, Crossville TN 38557
C.O.G.'s permanent address is COG, Box 1226, Berkeley CA 94704

Council of the Magickal Arts (quarterly)
Articles, reviews, letters, news, and announcements related to the Council.
$7/yr for newsletter. $13 for council membership and 30-page newsletter combined.
CMA, c/o Lila Rhea Harman, Editor, Council of the Magickal Arts, P.O. Box 33274, Austin TX 78764-3274

Demeter's Emerald (DE) (quarterly)
A Pagan Parenting Quarterly. A forum for all involved in Earth Spirituality; the main topic, though, is the child-bearing experience.
$2/sample, $7/4 issues.
DE, P.O. Box 612603, South Lake Tahoe, CA 96152

Earthspirit Community Newsletter (eight times a year)
News, articles, letters calendar, information about gatherings and other EarthSpirit-sponsored activities.
The ESC is a Pagan network centered in the Boston area. Newsletter is a part of an Associate Membership (which also includes a membership card for discounts at ESC events) and is $30 as of January 1992.
The Earth- Spirit Community, P.O. Box 365, Medford MA 02155-0365

Enchante: The Journal for the Urbane Pagan (quarterly)
A literary magazine for pagans and witches; serious and humorous explanations of archetypes, pantheons, rituals, and magical phenomena. And, of course, sophisticated pagan satire.
$5/sample, $18/year.
John Yohalem, 30 Charleton Street #6F, New York NY 10014-4925

The Enchanting News (quarterly)
A paper in search of the Lost Traditions.
Published by the Fanscifiaroan Church of Wicca, an Algard (Alexandrian/Gardnerian) tradition. Practical ritual, formulas for incense, much more.
70 pp, price $6.50 per issue, or free for exchanges in advertising, subscriptions, and contributors of writing and artwork.
P.O. Box 145, Marion CT

Fireheart (twice yearly)
Journal (February & August) of magick and Earth-centered spirituality from the EarthSpirit Community. Typeset, professionally produced.
Contains interviews, articles, art, panel discussions.
$4 sample, $7 yearly. Fireheart.
P.O. Box 462, Maynard MA 01754

Free Spirit Rising (quarterly)
Newsletter of the Free Spirit Alliance.
Networking, events, and information for the Maryland and greater Washington DC and Baltimore area.
$2/sample, $8/year.
Free Spirit Rising, P.O. Box 5358, Laurel MD 20726

From the Hearth (six times a year)
Devoted to the Path of the Hearthfire, a path of spiritual growth in a family setting — a path of magical parenting, of serving the Gods through the nurturing of our children.
$2/sample or back issue, $13/year USA, $15 Canada, $17 overseas.
All checks to Kathryn Hinds.
From FTH, c/o K. Hinds, 728 Derrydown Way, Decatur GA 30030

Green Egg (quarterly)
The official journal of the Church of All Worlds (CAW).
Articles, interviews, news, art, reviews, etc. G.E. is professionally produced and the editors have an extensive history in the NeoPagan Community. Stimulating articles and an active letters column. Much food for thought.
Sample: $5.50 US, $6.95 Canada, plus $1.25 P&H. Subscriptions: $16/yr US Bulk, $22/yr US First Class, $23/yr Canada/Mexico/Latin America, $28/yr Transatlantic, $31/yr Transpacific Air.
From Green Egg, P.O. Box 1542, Ukiah CA 95482

Green Man (quarterly)
"We're looking for a few good men — the magazine for Pagan Men wants you!"
Sample $4, $13/year.
P.O. Box 641, Pt. Arena CA 95468

Hallows (quarterly)
Journal of the Grail Quest Wicca. Controversial articles, theo(a)logical speculation and literary reviews for Pagans not afraid to be challenged.
$2/sample, $8/year. All checks to Maury Johnston.
Keepers of the Cauldron, P.O. Box 1108, Glen Allen VA 23060, Attn: Hallows

Hidden Path (quarterly)
A journal for Gardnerians.
For subscription information, send SASE to Windwalker, P.O. Box 934, Kenosha WI 53141

Keltria (quarterly)
Journal of Druidism and Celtic Magick. Promoting Druidic education and fellowship through articles on herbology, ritual, art, music, and philosophy.
$10/year US, $11/year Canadian, $13/year Europe.
P.O. Box 33284, Minneapolis MN 55433

From the Church of the Eternal Source.
CES, P.O. Box 7091, Burbank CA 91510-7091

Kindred Spirits (quarterly)
"For all Pagans and good friends of Mother Earth." A journal of eco-Paganism from Australia. Articles, festival reviews, announcements, editorials, and event listings.
Subscriptions are $8/year, North America, $5/Australia, and 5 Pounds, UK & Europe. Overseas (non- Australia) please send cash, as bank charges would exceed the cost of the subscription.
Kindred Spirits Quarterly, P.O. Box 101, Bega, NSW, 2250, Australia

The Merrymount Messenger (quarterly)
Contains in-depth articles on Pagan spiritual politics and worldview in ancient and modern times. TMM and the activism-oriented "Broadsword Bulletin" are available for $12/year from TMA-West, Box 458, 1016 East Camino Real, Sunnyvale CA 94087. $3.50/sample.
Make checks payable to the "Thomas Morton Alliance."

Meyn Mamvro (three times a year)
Magazine of ancient stones and sacred sites in Cornwall, the UK.
Sample $5 US, subscription $15 US. Dollar bills or international money orders only, please.
C. Straffon, 51 Carn Bosavern, St. Just, Penzance, Cornwall, TR19 7QX, England

Mezlim (quarterly)
Ritual magick, Wicca, Shamanism, Thelema, Golden Dawn, Neo-Paganism, and other areas.
Their writers include well-known authors like Don Michael Kraig, Peter Carroll, and Antero Alli, as well as working practitioners of various traditions.
$6/sample, $20/year inside the US.
Mezlim, P.O. Box 19566, Cincinnati OH 45219

Mystagogue Magazine (eight times a year)
A forum for British Traditional Wicca. Covers herbalism, reviews, theology, and subjects of interest to the Wiccan/Pagan community.
$10/year US, $14/year foreign. Checks payable to TCSC/Mystagogue Magazine.
TCSC, P.O. Box 15955, Sacramento CA 95852-0955

Of a Like Mind (quarterly)
Newspaper and networking tool for spiritual women, focusing on positive paths to spiritual growth. Articles, reviews, news, announcements, graphics, networking.
$3/sample. Subscriptions are $13 to $33 a year, sliding scale.
For membership info, send SASE to: Of A Like Mind, P.O. Box 6021, Madison WI 53716

Our Pagan Times (monthly)
Newsletter of New Moon New York, diverse and open Pagan networking organization in NYC. Articles, ads, poetry, full NYC Pagan calendar.
$2/sample, $15/year. Make checks to "New Moon New York."
P.O. Box 1471, Madison Square Station, New York NY 10159-1471

Outer Court Communications (quarterly)
Articles on the meanings of the Sabbats, rituals, spells, student contacts.
$12/year US, $17 elsewhere.
Our Lady Of Enchantment, P.O. Box 1366, Nashua NH 03061

Pagan Muse and World Report (six times a year)
Newsletter of the Bay Area Pagan Assemblies (BAPA) a membership-run organization providing services and networking to the Pagan community of the greater San Francisco Bay Area and Santa Cruz. $3.95/sample issue, $23/year.
BAPA, P.O. Box 850, Fremont CA 94537

Pagana (six times a year)
Pagan/Occult/Witchcraft SIG of MENSA; an international network of persons interested in Nature spirituality, magic, and esoteric lore. Non-Mensans welcome as associate (non-voting) members.
$12/year, $2/sample; checks to POW-SIG.
Pagana, c/o Valerie Voigt, P.O. Box 9336, San Jose CA 95157

Pagans for Peace Newsletter (six times a year)
By Pagans for Peace network.
$10/year (Canadian money if in Canada), includes membership in the network. Free to prisoners.
P.O.B. 2205, Clearbrook, British Columbia, V2T 3X8, Canada

Pagans in Recovery (quarterly)
Networking newsletter with contacts, reviews, articles,, recovery techniques, more.
$2/sample, $8.50/year. Checks payable to "The Church of Earth Healing."
P.I.R. Newsletter, c/o The Church Of Earth Healing, 22 Palmer Street, Athens OH 45701

Panegyria (eight times a year)
Newsletter of the Aquarian Tabernacle Church, Inc. containing articles, news, reviews, and announcements, also northwest US news.
$12/year US 3rd Class; $17 US 1st Class, Canada, Mexico; $22 overseas mail; $36 overseas airmail.
The Aquarian Tabernacle Church, P.O. Box 57, Index WA 98256

Pantheos — National Newsletter
Pagan gay men's personal network.
Send stamp for info to P.O. Box 9543, Santa Fe NM 87504

The Quill & Sword
The Witches' League for Public Awareness newsletter. WLPA is a pro-active educational network founded by Laurie Cabot, dedicated to correcting misinformation about witches.
SASE for information, or a donation for a sample copy.
WLPA, P.O. Box 8736, Salem MA 01971-8736

Red Garters, International (eight times a year)
The official voice of the New Wiccan Church, focusing on issues of particular interest to the English Traditions (Alexandrian, CVW, Gardnerian, Kingstone, Majestic, Silver Crescent, and Taran). Not afraid of controversy.
$10/year US and Canada, $12/year foreign. $1/sample.
Sent in plain sealed wrapper.
NWC, P.O. Box 162046, Sacramento CA 95816

RFD — A Country Journal For Gay Men Everywhere (quarterly)
A gentle faerie-oriented reader-written journal which focuses on country living and encourages alternative lifestyles. Art, articles, fiction, rituals, poetry, mild porn, book reviews, contact letters, gardening, astrology, advertising.
$18/year, $5 for sample issue.
RFD, P.O. Box 68, Liberty TN

The Rosegate Journal (eight times a year)
Journal of Rosegate, a Rhode Island Wiccan/Metaphysical group. Happenings, news, articles, and class announcements.
$3/sample, $13/year, $25 outside US. Checks to "Rosegate."
Our Lady Of The Roses, P.O. Box 5967, Providence, RI 02903

Sacred Hart (eight times a year)
A practical seasonal, Pagan journal.
$2/sample, $12/year, $15 in Canada. Checks to B. McMindes.
Wyrd Enterprises, P.O. Box 72, Kenmore NY 14217-0072

Sagewoman (quarterly)
Magazine of Women's Spirituality, celebrating the Goddess in every woman.
Sample $6, $18/year, $33/2 years.
P.O. Box 641, Point Arena CA 95468

Symphony, A Newsletter of Magick and Harmony (quarterly)
Explores all avenues of Neo-Pagan life, Positive Magick, and living in balance with ourselves and our environment. Artwork, editorials, rituals, poetry, recipes, and reviews.
$10/year or $18/2 years. Sample $3. Checks payable to Symphony.
P.O. Box 27465, San Antonio TX 78227-0465

Societe (quarterly)
Journal of Neo-African Religions, dedicated to the practice and preservation of Voudoun and other neo-African religious systems. Also a source for African and African-Haitan magical and religious supplies.
Send SASE to Technicians of the Sacred, Suite 310, 1317 N. San Fernando Blvd, Burbank CA 91504

Spirit of Change (quarterly)
Journal and directory of resources for conscious living in the central Massachusetts area.
Spirit of Change P.O. Box 493, Grafton MA 01519

Spirited Women
Published by Sister-Spirit, a special ministry of the Metropolitan Community Church.
Sister-Spirit, P.O. Box __9246, Portland, OR 97207

The Star (eight times a year)
From Phoenix Arcana, founding coven and networking branch of the Wisconsin Assembly of Wicca.
$8 for six months, $15 for year.
The Star, P.O. Box 8131, Madison WI 53708-8131

TantraMan (quarterly)
The journal of a Tantric-Metaphysical-Spiritual Brotherhood of sexually-oriented men. Subscribers receive our quarterly journal, free 50-word personal ads in every issue, personal correspondence, possible initiation and/or ordination into our priesthood.
$35 annual fee covers all.
Compu-Tech, P.O. Box 7026, Missoula MT 59802

Tides, A Journal of Wicca and NeoPagan Spirituality (quarterly)
Articles, artwork, reviews, poetry, rituals, classified ads, networking, primarily of interest to the Boston area pagan.
$13/year US 3rd Class, $18/year US 1st Class, $23 overseas. $5/sample.
Tides, P.O. Box 1445, Littleton MA 01460-4445.

The Unicorn, The Littlest Unicorn (for children), RT News
From the Rowan Tree Church.
Sample package for $5 includes current issues of each, plus a description of study in the Mystery School (described in "A Wiccan Bardo") which trains Priests & Priestesses in the Tradition of Lothlorien.

Wiccan/Pagan Press Alliance
An organization formed to create a network for all presses, journals, and newsletters.
Write for details. WPPA, P.O. Box 1392, Mechanicsburg PA 17055

The Winged Chariot (six times a year)
Devoted to the Tarot discipline. Book reviews, deck reviews, more.
$2/sample, $10/year.
The Winged Chariot, c/o MoonStar Enterprises, P.O. Box 1718, Milwaukee WI 53201-1718

Woman of Power: A Magazine of Feminism, Spirituality, and Politics (quarterly)
Features feminist visionaries and activists in articles, interviews, artwork, photography. Each issue explores a central theme such as "The Living Earth" or "Sacred Spaces."
$26/year, $8 single copy.
Woman of Power, P.O. 2785, Orleans MA 02653

Yggdrasil (quarterly)
Journal of the Heathen Way focusing on Heathen culture, religion, ethos, and mythology.
$2/sample, $6/year. Checks payable to Freya's Folk.
Freya's Folk, 537 Jones #165, San Francisco CA, 94102-2007

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