A Witch Speaks

Salem, Massachusetts — On the morning of April 23rd, I approached the home of Laurie Cabot, strangely excited. On one hand, I was very happy to meet the author of Celebrate the Earth and Love Magic, but on the other (having never met a Witch other than on Halloween) had no idea what to expect.

I wasn't offered an eyeball, or a wax figurine to stick a pin through. I didn't run in fear from evil cackling. I saw no boiling cauldron or flying broomstick. Instead, I was offered a cup of coffee, sat crossed legged on the floor and asked to "Please hold on a moment," until her nail polish dried.

Not unlike a visit with Mom.

Laurie Cabot has authored several books on the study of Witchcraft and can now even be read in classrooms at Wellesley College. She is not only the "Official Witch of Salem," but a mother, teacher, proprietor and scholar. She travels extensively in search of new information on behalf of all Witches and willingly shares her insights on behalf of all people.

This is the first of a three part series dedicated to the understanding of the Witch's gifts to society, their true nature and the incredible power which unfolds them.

"As I have seen the world through Witch's eyes, I have been fortunate enough to live each moment of my life with the knowledge and deep feeling that the globe I walk upon feels my step, hears my voice, and answers in return." — from Celebrate The Earth.

A Witch Speaks

Laurie Cabot

Witchcraft is a way of life. It's the blood of our ancestors. It comes from the Earth. It's a nature religion based on the stars and the moon and whatever nature is doing despite what society is doing.

The word Witch is a Celtic word. It means wise. It was obliterated from academia after the Christian takeover of language relating to religion. Unfortunately, the same tribal politics that rule the world today took the word and made it evil. The same way the number thirteen is considered bad luck. Year after year, as women and men hid in persecution from oppressors wise turned to wicked. Patriarchal society didn't want women to have any power at all. They were then made out to be the meaner or the weaker, meant to forever grope in respect of men.

However, in Celtic times if a Queen wanted to go ride with her army — she went! And if the king wanted to stay home in the kitchen, he stayed in the kitchen. There were no sexual boundaries. Everybody did what they wanted. It made perfect sense and still does. Why bother focusing on things that don't suit you — things not in your nature?

Society today makes it difficult to think that women and men are equal, but nature doesn't. In nature all is equal.

I was a warrior in one of my past lives. I can still carry a sword and am also an excellent shot. Occasionally, I go shooting with the Captain of the Police Force in Salem. I enjoy these things and am still have my femininity and it doesn't necessarily mean that I want to be an electrician!

Even today, women all over the world are forced into the slavery of cooking, ironing and darning men’s socks! I mean, how disgusting! They are and should be running the country, flying planes, healing the sick and creating spectacular technologies if they so choose. Women are perfectly capable of doing all this and still able to wash socks and maintain a great sex life! Why would we want to be stuck in a kitchen at home if the battlefield is our preference?

Every Witch has been struck by Excalibur, the Lady of the Lake's blade. I get chills every time I say that. The blade belongs to the woman. It is she who holds the chalice and the blade. She puts them together and stirs the cauldron.

She is Priest and Priestess.

A Witch is not just someone that practices magick! Anyone can perform magick, but you're only a Witch if your practicing Celtic mythology. You study and dedicate your life to it and anyone can be a Witch.

The Cabot Tradition

The Cabot tradition is pre-Gardnerian, Celtic. It's simple. Our circles don't last two and a half hours. I don't want to have to get a sleeping bag out of boredom!

Physic ability is vitally important to witchcraft. It was part of the magickal side of things and still is today. To know what extent you can use that ability is very important. So, the first class is on the science of the brain and how physic ability works.

Second, students learn the tools: why they work, why they don't work. But, most importantly, what works for each individual. Everyone is unique and so should their magick be. Once students understand the these things I lay down the law!

  1. Do what you will and harm none.
  2. Everything you do comes back to you three fold.

Pretty simple. What more do you need? If only people would follow these two simple laws? They'd live a much happier life no matter the religious background.

However, there is a more serious approach, after Witchcraft 1 and 2. If my students choose to become Priest/Priestess it's as serious a decision as choosing the Seminary or the mountains of Tibet for twenty years to study.

We study science. We look at the probabilities, the causes, the failures, the nature of human beings and the possibilities of why we do things and why we shouldn't.

Although, not all my students go out and teach. Many do their own thing. They find unique ways of continuing this way of life. They blend their own special talents with that of the tradition.

Magick is Real! It's not pulling a rabbit out of a hat! It's a religion. Unfortunately, our religion is probably one of the most propagandized. It's the same propaganda that turned our laughter into a cackle! In fact, everything about us has been utterly manipulated so that others could not identify us!

Laurie Cabot has founded the Cabot Tradition of the Science of Witchcraft and the Witch's League for Public Awareness. Her unique blend of scientific and natural law has played a paramount role in the interest of Witchcraft in the 20th century, help making it one of America's fastest growing religions.

A Witch is not evil.

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