A Witch's Pantry

Amber: Wishes, love, riches
Anise: Divination, spirit work, invisibility
Apple: Love, prosperity, healing
Basil: Prosperity, love
Bay: Luck, legal battles
Bergamot: Success, concentration, cleansing, prosperity
Chamomile: Sleep, prophetic dreams, eases pain
Cinnamon: Stimulant, cleansing, banishing, healing, psychic awareness, prosperity
Clove: Purification, healing, prosperity, power
Dill: Prosperity, love
Dragon’s blood: Power, psychic power, love, purification
Fennel: Peace, calming for nervous or upset stomachs
Frankincense: Consecration, banishing, meditation, spiritual growth, psychic awareness
Garlic: Healing, protection, banishing, willpower
Ginger: Energy, healing, success, calming for upset stomachs
Lavender: Peace, soothing nerves, meditation, clarity, concentration
Lemon: Cleansing, healing, rejuvenating
Marjoram: Peace, balance, soothing
Mint: Stimulant or relaxing (depending on your need), concentration, cleansing, communication, prosperity
Nutmeg: Psychic awareness, love, prophetic dreams
Orange: Joy, love, peace, healing, cleansing, prosperity, attraction
Parsley: Energy, healing
Patchouli: Sexual energy, prosperity
Pepper: Banishing, stimulant, cleansing, healing, prosperity, sexual love
Oregano: Invoke spirits, meditative trance
Rose: Love, consecration, healing
Rosemary: Love, enhance memory, concentration, power, consecration, cleansing, grounding
Sage: Purification, banishing, healing, consecration, feminine energy, grounding
Vanilla (beans or extract): Passion, self-love, joy

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