A Wiccaning

By: Cerridwen Goddess

Please bear in mind that since non-Wiccans were present at this ceremony, some things were toned down, we did not perform the Five-fold Kiss, or a more emphatic version of the Great Rite, our horned statue of Pan was left at home in favor of a small, antlered god-figure from an American Indian motif, we did not include the scourge on the alter, or the Cords (I chose instead to wear our blue-colored Cord around my waist, however), and most references to the Horned God were altered to reflect a less-imposing Antlered One. I do hope that those who may read this will understand my reasoning for these actions.

Consecrate the Salt and Water

Priestess takes her athame, plunges the blade into the container of salt, "So that you may be fit to dwell in this Sacred Space, I bless this salt, in the names of our Lord and Lad, I bless this salt" then transferring three 'knifefuls' to the container of (in this case water taken from the beach where we held the ritual) water "So that you may be fit to dwell in this Sacred Space, I consecrate and bless this water" and stir the salt into the water.

Purify Work Space with Salt-Water

Priestess walks the diameter of the Circle and casts the salt-water along its perimeter

Purify Work Space with Incense and Candle

Priest traverses the perimeter of the Circle with frankincense & myrrh and then a candle

Priest hands athame to Priestess who casts the Sacred Circle:
"With earth and air draw forth all that is fair
by fire and sea of ill stay free
O Circle, be thou a meeting-place of love and joy and truth
a shield against all wickedness and evil
a rampart of protection that shall preserve
the powers that we may raise within Thee.
Wherefore do I bless and consecrate thee.”

Priestess welcomes all gathered into the Circle space:
"May your mind be free, may your heart be free, may your body be free."

Invoking the Watchtowers

The Priestess takes the bowl of water to the East and says:
“O cool lakes and deep seas of the East
waters soft and giving of fresh life
join with us —
Cast your blessings upon these children
and become a friend to them!
Blessed Be.”

All echo: "Blessed Be!"
(the water is placed at the east gate)

The Priestess takes a candle to the South and says:
“O warm sun and warm skies of the South
bringing life anew, the growth of all things,
and promise of the future,
join us —
Cast your blessings upon these children
and become a friend to them!
Blessed Be!”

All echo: "Blessed Be!"
(the candle is placed at the south gate)

The Priestess takes the censor/sage to the West and says:
“O Winds of the East
who bring forth freshness, life, and joy
join us —
Cast your blessings upon these children
and become a friend to them!
Blessed Be!”

All echo: "Blessed Be!"
(the censor is placed at the west gate)

The Priestess takes the bowl of earth to the North and says:
“O mighty mountains and endless steppes of the North
Meadows of green and the creatures that therein dwell
join us —
cast your blessings upon these children
and become a friend to them.”

All echo: "Blessed Be!"
(the bowl is set at the north gate)

The Priestess holds the alter Wand aloft and asks:
"Repeat after me
As above so below
as the Universe, so the soul
as without so within.
Blessed and Gracious Ones — on this night
do we consecrate to you
our minds, our bodies, and our spirits. Blessed Be!"

Invoking the Goddess and God


All-dewy Sky-sailing Pregnant Moon
who shines for all
who flows through all
light of the world which is yourself
maiden mother crone
the weaver the green one

O most gracious and magnificent Lady
We ask that some portion of your presence
be here among us now
Give protection and shelter to the small
and sacred ones
who are here to be dedicated in Your honor.


Seed sower, grain reborn
Antlered One come!
Bright sun, Dark death,
Lord of winds, lord of the dance
sun-child, winter born king
Hanged one
Untamed, untamed!
Stag and stallion, goat and bull,
sailor of the last sea, guardian of the gate
lord of the two lands
ever-dying, ever-living, radiance

O ancient lord of the universe
we ask some portion of your presence here
among us now.
Shield and strengthen the children who shall be
dedicated in your honor!

The Blessings and Purifications

Maiden (in this case an unattached and close aunt of the children):
(as she sprinkles the children with barley)
"Dearest ones, may you never know hunger or poverty for material or spiritual things. I bless you with the barley of the Spirits, for nourishment and wealth."

Mother (the Priestess who is the mother of the children):
(as she sprinkles the children with water)
"I bless you in the name of the Spirits of all life and healing, with the waters of the Earth, that you may be healthy and strong in body, mind, and spirit. Let love be your treasure, may you be happy in your heart."

Crone (the Priestess's mother and the grandmother of the children):
(as she sprinkles the children with salt)
"Dearest ones, may you have access to your own wisdom and that of others. May you be protected from foolishness and self-destruction. May you know the essence of things; may you be bright and find it easy to learn and teach."

The Antlered One (the Priest, who is the Father of the children):
(fire/sage incense)
"With the Fire of the Universe to spark your temper, I would ask that you may find joy and a sense of merriment in all that you accomplish — to see the lighter side of life's journey and find happiness in your work."

The Divulgence of the Names (Explained to the Witnesses):

Ancient European peoples believed that you must have two names, one public and one a secret name that only those present at the blessing ceremony knew. This second name is for use after puberty, when the soul changes into its first adult self, when it can be uttered once more, and made public. The purpose of the first public name was to divert the evil eye, to gain favor with the fates, to keep away sickness, and to help the child reach adulthood.

"Great Spirit of Nature, protect and guide these young souls among us. May the Blessings of the wise and joyous Father of the Gods far-seeing and far-knowing be upon thee. May the blessings of the Triple Goddess, of Maiden, of Mother, of Crone, and all their power be upon thee."

The following blessings/invocations were spoken and followed by the child being immersed in the ocean water of the beach where the ritual was held:

Elizabeth’s Dunking

Anna Perenna
Great Goddess, Mother of All
Envelope this daughter of yours
in the waters of Your womb
Grant her protection from wrong-doing
Wash away the memories of her pain
Shower her with Your blessings
in a life everlasting
Bless Elizabeth Mae Luzerne.
So Mote it Be!

Patrick’s Dunking

Great Goddess, Nurturer and Bearer of all Men, great and small
Without whose womb they would not be
Mother of Gods, of Sacrificial Kings,
Presidents, Emperors, and beggars
Welcome this son of Yours into Your Light
and as you have taught us, let him find
"Beauty and strength, power and compassion,
mirth and reverence, honor and humility"
within his heart.
Wash his fears away with your caress!
Bless Patrick Howard Lloyd!
Blessed Be!

Morgainne's Dunking

Hail, o gracious and most magnificent Lady
whose slender hand turns the vast wheel of the sky.
whose triple aspect does see
the beginning, the life, and the end of all things.
whose wells of mystery do give
inspiration and rebirth throughout eternity,
receive here this small daughter of yours with blessings
and with love.
Bless Morgainne Ellayne!
So mote it be!

Explained to the Witnesses:
The second names chosen were decided upon for Both whimsical and serious reasons — for personality and for circumstance.

"For this newest arrival, a small girl-child who came as an unplanned gift from the gods, whose arrival has challenged us and helped us grow, as did her namesake, bringing all of Mankind's challenges upon him, she is called Pandora."

"For a small boy-child who seems to live for good food and drink, who enjoys this life he's been blessed with, and who reminds us that merriment is part of our everyday challenge as well as paying the bills and doing the housework, so we found inspiration in the spirited and fun-loving god of wine, and give his name to our son, who will be Bacchus."

(Our oldest, 4 year old daughter was severely burned when she was 16 months old, thus the inspiration for her naming.)

"And at last, for our eldest daughter, as did the beautiful bird rise miraculously from its burning, so did she — and aptly she is named Phoenix."

"O Lady of the Starry Heavens, Wise All-Father, behold these lovely children, Pandora, Bacchus, and Phoenix conceived and brought forth in love. Bless and protect them and grant the gifts of wisdom, inspiration, and wonder, adorn them with your enduring and eternal strength and steadfastness. May they ever have spirits that seek the stars, and roots that hold tight deep within thy loving breast."

Sharing of the Bread and Wine:

Priestess blesses the wine, dipping the athame into the chalice:
"As the cup is to the female so the athame is to the male, and conjoined they bring blessed creation"

"Offering to the Mother:
Hail Earth, Mother of All!
May your fields increase and flourish.
Your forests grow and spread,
And your waters run pure and free!
Accept my offering, O Earth Mother!
Bring forth that which is good, and sustaining,
For every living thing!"

The Bread

As the bread is passed around, the Priestess asks for its glorification:
"Let us join hands and purify ourselves
breathing in the life force of the universe
and expelling all evil from us.
Take now of the bread
and know of the grain of which you partake
as the latest of countless generations
growing to fruitfulness
and in dying, giving of the seeds
from which new life shall spring
Know that every seed, every grain is
the record of times most ancient
and a promise of all that shall be.
Partake of the bread
and know of life eternal and of Immortality.
With this knowledge are our souls sustained."

The Wine

As the Chalice of wine is shared around the Circle, the Priestess asks for it's glorification, also:
“Drink now of the wine
And know of the transformation
of simple fruits to sparkling elixir
as this wine has undergone change
so by life's cauldron shall we
As this wine gives the enchantment of the Divine
or abasement into the lower realms,
so do all humans rise or fall in each life
As their own will and strength determines.”

The Storytelling:

At this point the group of celebrants and the witnesses were asked to seat themselves and the Priestess read a story called "The Burning of the Lady's People" chosen from a collection of Goddess tales, The Storyteller’s Goddess by Carolyn McVickar Edwards.

Opening the Circle

All join hands, Priestess says:
"Lords of the Winds, the Fires, the Seas, and the Fields, before you
depart to your fair and lovely realms, we thank you for your presence
this evening! Blessed be!

May the Circle be open but not broken
may the Beauty of the Goddess and the Strength of the God
dwell in our hearts. Merry meet, and merry part, and merry
meet again. Blessed Be!"

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